Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi guys!
My name is Marco Ciafarone - obviously Italian, yes!
I'm gonna be here at SNC till May, then I'll come back to the Mediterranean Sea...
Before coming to the States I graduated in Cinema studies and make some little movie experiences in Italy, my dream is to become a director but I love graphic and especially typography!! I love the internet for the accessibility to knowledge that it gives to everyone - so here's a website that I found useful for our textedit problem with html...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tyler's Youtube Clip O' The Day

For those of you who don't know me, which is most of you, I am doing Entertainment Technology. This is to say, Video Game Design. So, I have a tendency to pick apart games as I see them. This is a shorter clip from a series of them that are posted by this user. He has remained level 1 and is defeating all the biggest baddest bosses without ever getting hit. I watch these and find what mechanics allow him to do this. The player has skill, no doubt he's very good, but skill is useless if the mechanics aren't there. With this in mind, here's one of the fights. This guy has the best scream when he's set on fire.

They're Famous

Monday, January 25, 2010

Keith's Youtube clip

Bill Hicks is just amazing.

Chris' youtube pick

Hey, My name is Shawn Clawson. I grew up in Massachusetts on a horse farm, and attended a winter sports academy in maine for high school. Moved to Mammoth after high school to snowboard and moved here a year later to attend SNC. I currently manage this website. A website I visit a lot is

Red's Post

Hello! My name is Patrick Burtt but I am known by most as Red (long story). I am a Native American from The Washoe Tribe of NV and CA. I am originally from Gardnerville, NV but I now live in Reno. This is my 3rd year at SNC, I have not yet declared my major but am leaning toward Digital Art.

My most frequented website would most definitely be Myspace.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keith's post

Hmm... what to say here...

Well, I'm a Fine Arts major, with a focus on digital art. I've been in Incline since I was two, but I am thinking about moving once I graduate. As I write this, I'm a big fan of artsy progressive rock... in particular, I've been listening to a lot of Dream Theater, Queensr├┐che, Symphony X, Tool, and King Crimson. My website is going to be .

Don't take pictures of myself too often, so here's a webcam picture I took for one of my art classes a while back: (Look above)

Hi I'm Victor Gutierrez. I have lived in Tahoe my whole life.I was a computer science major but have recently changed to art with a concentration on digital art and minor in ETEK.

The website i normally visit is SPCR. Sometimes i use Stumble to when I'm bored.

So, my name is Tyler Arthur. I grew up in northeast Ohio, with the closest major city being Cleveland. I'm in my second semester at SNC, where my major is Interdisciplinary in Entrepreneurship and Digital Art. I like to snowboard a lot, and I am also into photography, especially working with film in the darkroom.

One website that I like a lot is one that is run by my friends back in Ohio. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but I like it. It is for their clothing company called Syndicate Clothing.


My name is Daniele Giancola.
My major is computer science but I love digital arts too.

This is one of my favorites websites.

Kath's Post.

My name is Kath McGaughey. I'm originally from Bermagui, (Aboriginal for something poetic and profound) Australia.
I came to Tahoe following the ski season 16 years ago and have never left. I got a little jaded with the ski industry and decided to return to school- here- where I am working on a BFA concentrating in 2 dimensional practices. You can get a taste of my work at (the thumbnails don't open....working on it!).

I'm not a big tech person and am not on the web alot, when I am, I visit This is sad, but true.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tyler's Post

Here's a lovely picture of me taken at a neighborhood party over break:

About me: I'm a computer science major and ETEK minor. I want to be a video game designer. I graduate this May and I'm going on for my Master's in ETEK followed by a PhD in it. After I finally get out of school, I'm going to either take up a design position or teach ETEK, perhaps back here at SNC?

A website I visit frequently: It helps me get up in the morning.

I have a website for my porfolio of games: I had a weekend to make it, so I used MS word. It's functional, not pretty.

I also have a blog here on blogger: Video game related dicussions for kicks.

Elisa's Post!

Hi, my name is Elisa Mancini.
I was born and grew up in L'Aquila, Italy, were I lived for 20 years together with my parents. I was studying Computer Science there, when I won a scholarship that gave me the chance to come here for a whole academic year. This is the greatest thing ever happened to me, and I hope I will be able to enjoy this experience as much as I can!

I found just today website that I think is really well designed and nice to visit: Sushi&Robots

I also have an Italian blog about online earnings and resources, if you want to take a look here is the address: Piccoli Guadagni Online (the title means "small online earnings").

Thanks and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rubio's Post

My name is Alejandra Rubio, I have been photographing for about 6 years. I started photographing my native American cultural in Arizona.I moved to Carson City, NV and now attending
Sierra Nevada College, working towards a Bachelor in Fine Art

Here is Chris' Post

I was born in 1970.

Here s a link.

Welcome to the 2010 SP Web Design class -- Assignment #1

Welcome to the blog for the web design class.

You have one assignment to bring in for next class, on Monday.

Make a post on this blog. You should: a) write a short paragraph about yourself, b) include a picture of yourself, and c) provide a link to a website that you like or visit often. Be prepared, next class, to talk about why you like the website for a presentation of 5 to ten minutes. Talk about:

1. The design of the site
2. The navigation of the site
3. The functionality of the site -- what the site "does."

Also, if you have a website of you own, post a link to that as well.

And don't forget to pick up the book for the class, "Visual Quickstart Guide to Dreamweaver CS4," in the school bookstore.