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youtube clip

Flash references for today

The "web banner" you'll be creating today should be at this size:

720 pixels by 300 pixels

There is a list of standard web banner sizes here:


And I'll be going over this in class, but the actionscript for your button link (Actionscript v. 2) should be:

on (release) {

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Ians youtube video


Monday, April 4, 2011

Problem-solving: An Assignment

This week you'll continue to push forward on your websites. We'll start a short Flash project next week -- as well as taking some time for you to show your current designs and get feedback.

Also next week -- due Thursday the 14th -- I want the first draft of a document that lists out the problems you have encountered and solved in the course of your website project. I'm not looking for a full academic paper, with full sentences, and so on -- but I do want you to make a list of the technical and design issues that have presented themselves to you, and the solutions you found for them. Start your document with an opening paragraph explaining what your site is, who the intended audience is, and then list out the various problems you have encountered and solved.

For instance, I know when Ethan was first using Wix, there was a white halo around some of the graphics he uploaded to his site -- and I believe fixing it was a matter of saving his images in the PNG 24 format. And another issue was the long load-time for his shopping gallery -- fixing that meant finding out what the maximum display size was for the gallery pics, and scaling his images down to that size before uploading them, drastically reducing their file sizes. So a "Problem-Solving" list could simply go:

Problem: uploaded graphics have white halo.
Solution: Used PNG 24 format with transparency for images with a transparent background.

Problem: Long load-time for shopping gallery.
Solution: Found out pixel dimensions of the gallery windows, and downsized gallery pictures to that size before uploading.

If there are helpful links for any of your solutions, include them as well. For instance, I know Nick Cahill looked at a few options for javascript slideshows -- a list item with a link could go:

Problem: Wanted a slideshow with thumbnails, not flash-driven, so it would show on iPads.
Solution: galleria slideshow: http://galleria.aino.se/; found out it can be modified by changing options in the code (see this page: http://galleria.aino.se/docs/1.2/options/); if there is more than one option used, use a comma between options to separate them.

I'm interested in having you go through this process for a number of reasons -- one, to develop some documentation on your own problem-solving process, and two, to build up a sort of database of helpful hints that can be posted to the blog -- and which you (and other students) can refer to if you encounter any similar web design problems.

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YouTube Clip!


Reminder for Tuesday, & Web Template links

Just a reminder that, on Tuesday, at the beginning of class, you should have at least two completed web pages that are linked to each other.

On Tuesday, we'll be going over a variety of web templates (both hosted and non-hosted) that you can use as web development resources. Here are some links:

Downloadable templates:


Hosted templates:


You sign up, enter a name for the site, and hosting with the "weebly" in the url is free (I set up a quick test site at:

Hosted portfolio templates:
They have a free two week trial, then you pay:
$7.99/mo, with popslice url
$12.99/mo, with custom domain

A breakdown of their features:

The blog customization I'll show is at:

A Social Networking hosted template source is:

I'll show a ning site at:

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Nick Cahill's youtube pick of the day

I filmed this video about a week ago and wanted to share.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Galleria Javascript

A good script for slideshows:


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What's due Tuesday

Just a reminder:

At the beginning of Tuesday's class, you should have your tweaked designs (in Photoshop) completed. You also need to have chosen a css layout from Dreamweaver that you think will be an appropriate template to use as a guide for moving your Photoshop designs into html (once you open Dreamweaver, go to File > New, and select from the variety of layouts: 1 column fixed, centered, 1 column fixed, centered, header and footer, etc. Figure out which of these layouts is best suited for your design. Also, please have either a 1-paragraph description, or a sketch, showing how you want to slice your photoshop file in order to extract the graphics and incorporate them into html.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Due Tuesday: 2 web designs

Just a reminder: on Tuesday's class, at the beginning of class, you need to have your two web designs done (in photoshop). I want to have examples of the home page and a second-level page, so we'll be looking at a total of 4 images (2 designs x 2 pages = 4).

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Flourishtivity Summary

Team Flourishtivity


-This site gives a breakdown of Ch. 8 of Amabile’s book. It discusses 8 environmental factors in work place that will help to foster creativity in the minds of the individuals.


-This is a short blog discussion on how creativity is killed. We felt that we could gain some insight on how to promote creativity by seeing what things can kill creative minds and ideas.


-This website expands on the information from Amabile on how creativity is killed. We liked some of the information that was presented and feel that it will be helpful to us.


-This blog outlines Amabile’s 3-steps to organizational creativity. Once again, we felt it contained some interesting information that we would be able to use.

-At our last team meeting, I felt like we were finally able to get on the same page and I think things are starting to come together for us. There are still some items that were are not sure about and we are starting to run into trouble when trying to find information on Amabile, as most of the websites contain similar information. Overall, I feel we have a fairly decent grasp on what is going on.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Assignment for Thurs (2/10)

Just a reminder -- have your wireframe and flowchart for the site you'll be making for this class. Again, you can use the wireframe/flowchart for the site that you did before as a sort of guideline.

Also, sign up for free hosting if you haven't already.

Video of the Day


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am torn between two ideas:

1. The website will be the public face of an organization devoted to integrating classical music in daily life, particularly in the life of young children. Because young children do not acquire their own music, the site’s audience will be the parents and educators of the children, patrons who want to support the organization, and eventually music supervisors for media projects. The site will describe the projects of the organization and will have links to other organizations which offer music resources. Related websites are:

http://www.childrensmusic.org/ for webcast music. This site is illustrated in the style of a children’s book. It could be the best example. The other sites are more like resources than a comprehensive site.

http://prekinders.com/classical-music/ for kindergarten teachers, a list of activities to accompany classical compositions

http://www.fcs.uga.edu/pubs/PDF/FACS03-7.pdf for a short overview of how classical music affects the brains of babies and children

http://www.classicaljam.org/promote.html for 32 ways to promote classical music

www.amazon.com for music products for sale, could have an affiliate program for our website

2a. A new website for a Thanksgiving concert or 2b. for other ideas to enhance the spiritual dimension of Thanksgiving. The audience for these projects would be music lovers, teachers and home-makers interested in Thanksgiving activities for the family. Related sites are:

I would like to make a website for myself that shows photos that I take and videos that I edit. This would be like a profile of the stuff that I've done. It would also provide me with a copy of my stuff that I can easily show to friends and family anywhere. I think that it would make a a nice way to showcase the work, rather than just sending someone to vimeo or flicker.


Websites I would like to base mine off of


The Ski Photographer

Dan Carr Photography

Dan Carr Photography's Blog

Monday, January 31, 2011

5 Websites

These are the websites I am trying to base my website off of. They might be random sites but, I like a few of the actions on some of them. I would like to to figure out the code for them.

1) http://www.stumbleupon.com/home/
2) http://movies.netflix.com/WiHome
3) http://www.thepremierstore.com/
4) http://shop.ccs.com/
5) http://www.google.com/

Sophia Scheer websites

I want my website to be setup like the websites below. I like the idea of a slide show for the main page of the site. I want my website to be filled with pictures and use full information that will attract tourists from around the world.

Ideas for my website

Since I’m interested in publishing, I thought it’d be appropriate if I designed a website designed with book reviews. Just like with movies, a lot of people will read reviews online before going to the show or the bookstore. Here are a few of the websites that are prime examples of what I want my website to be. I put them in order from best to worst design.

1. http://www.goodreads.com/

2. http://www.nybooks.com/

3. http://teenreads.com/

4. http://bookspot.com/


Age Level Characteristics

Hi, I am working on a tool for the links task to assist in my Psych Foundations class. Along with photos, I have this clip to share about age level. This is third grade time....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey! I'm Caitlin and this is my second semester at SNC and I'm a Junior English major. I'm from Naperville, IL (which is a suburb right outside Chicago) and I absolutely love my home and family. Chicago's great.... But Tahoe's better :) I love the mountains and all the outdoor sports that I've been able to do this past year. This past summer I worked for Vail at their Grand Teton Lodge Company in Wyoming and fell in love with the region. I love dance, skiing, reading, swimming, backpacking and traveling. My life goal is to eventually work for a publishing company and study in New Zealand. I'm not familiar with anything on web design, but I know this information will be a great benefit in the future.

The website I'm going to talk about is http://us.penguingroup.com/


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Resources for class, 1/20

HTML - basic definitions.

A basic HTML intro, from a great web design resource site, W3schools:


HTML elements:


A guide on how to write html using TextEdit (taken from about.com):

If you use a Macintosh, you don't need to buy or download an editor to write HTML. You have a perfectly functional editor built into your operating system -- TextEdit.

For many people this is all the HTML editor they will ever need.

There are only a few steps to creating a Web page with TextEdit:

Open TextEdit
Open a Finder window
Switch to the Applications folder
Scroll down to TextEdit and double-click on it

Change the format to plain text
TextEdit defaults to a rich text format, so you need to switch it to plain text to write HTML
Open the Format tab
Choose "Make Plain Text"
You can also hit Shift-Apple-T to switch to plain text

Start writing your HTML
Remember that you need to be more careful than in an actual HTML editor. You won't have elements like tag completion and validation.

Save your HTML to a file
This is the tricky part. TextEdit normally saves files as .txt. But since you're writing HTML, you need to save the file as .html.
Go to the File menu
Choose Save As... (or Shift-Apple-S)
Change the file extension from .txt to .html
A popup will ask you if you want to append the extension ".txt" to the end. Choose "Don't Append"

Opening an html file in TextEdit(from www.askdavetaylor.com):

Go to TextEdit --> Preferences...
and choose "Open and Save". You'll see:

The key is the first option under "When opening a file": you want to check Ignore rich text commands in HTML files. Check that option, then quit TextEdit.

It turns out you can also do this by manually selecting File --> Open..., choosing the file, and also selecting the option in the Open dialog window of "Ignore rich text commands", but since i'm always double-clicking on files or otherwise launching TextEdit, it's a much easier solution to simply fix the preferences and never worry about it again.

Here is a battery of links that may be useful to you in the formatted poem:

Links to CSS text and font info:



The "span" tag (for modifying elements outside of "p" and "header" tags:


Web colors:


Link to CSS examples:


An online resource for getting the text of a poem:


Emily Dickinson, defaced via CSS:


Hi I'm Sophia Scheer, this is my second semester at SNC, and I'm studying Digital Arts and Management. I came to SNC to snowboard and get an education at the same time. Im currently on the snowboard team at SNC. I'm from Ashland , Oregon but grew up in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I Love snowboarding, surfing, art and anything in the outdoors. I'm taking this class to get a better understanding on how to produce and design websites. I want to re-design my dads website, which is a vacation rental site.www.tropical-treehouse.com. The website i will talk about is www.magicseaweed.com

Andy Parauka

I am Andy Parauka this is my second year at SNC. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I love to skateboard and snowboard…all the time. Most of my time growing up I would skate because Michigan is a terrible place to snowboard. So, I pretty much moved out to Tahoe to snowboard and meet new people. But, recently I have started a clothing company and I would like to learn out to create a legit website. The website that I have now is out of date and janky(Thempire.tk). The website that I am going to talk about in class is www.thepremierstore.com.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nick Brunel

I grew up in Incline Village skiing, snowboarding, dirtbiking, skateboarding, etc. I have never really had the notion to move away because of the vast amenities that the Tahoe area has provided me. I do have the urge to travel around the world some more and have already done a fair share's worth in the last decade. I hope to one day get paid to do what I love rather than the current "joe-jobs" that I am currently employed by. I am currently working on getting a scholarship to go to the UK after I graduate to get my Masters Degree in audio engineering. I am also planning to ride my motorcycle around the world after I graduate from SNC.

The website I will be discussing is www.djtechtools.com

Chelsea Christoph

I am a second semester freshman at SNC and my major is Digital Arts & Management. I am originally from Carlsbad, CA (San Diego County) and I spend my summer working at High Cascade Snowboard Camp as a counselor. I enjoy snowboarding, yoga, photography, filming, editing, and knitting. I am excited for this class cause I think that it is going to be fun and something that I am going to enjoy. The website that I am going to talk about is www.highcascade.com.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nick Cahill's first post

Hey guys and gals, this is my first semester at SNC, I am a transfer student originally born and raised in the Bay Area, Ca. I spent the past 2 years building and racing a race car while going to a community college in my area.

Now that hobby is put on hold while I get the rest of my education done up here in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I got big into photography and filming over this past year due to some injuries and not being able to participate in the activities I loved doing. I tore my ACL and compression fractured my thoracic #2-#7 in my spine, needless to say I am an active person that cant get enough fun. Some of my main hobbies include rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, racing my car or anything that is active, fun and includes friends or nice people to share the memories with.

I am taking this class because I currently have a website www.cahillfilms.com that a friend has been working on for me. Its a huge pain if i want anything changed/added or whatever need be so I would like to learn how to manage it and eventually take over and control it myself.

The website I will talk about is DanCarphotography

Ian Hughes

I am currently in the last semester of my second year at SNC.  I'm originally from Fairfield CA, but moved to Tahoe for high school.  I love to ski in the winter and downhill mountain bike in the summer.  The reason why I am taking this class is to be able to run my own website for the video company I run with my roommate.  We currently have a website up (audaciousfilms.tk) but he does most of the work, so I am not to familiar with managing a website.  The website that I will talk about is momentskis.com


A little about me. I love meeting new people in the classroom, I have been at SNC since 1990, I have a 13 year old who knows more about the web than I do. And, I make video for my students.

www.teacher-news.com is my site. I like the design as it was constructed by a former student and his class. It also has photos of my transition year 2005. I would like to update the classes on this site. The photos at the top travel too fast and somehow are darker than they used to be. I would like to adapt those.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 SP Web Design class -- Assignment #1

Welcome to the blog for the web design class.

You have a two-part assignment to complete before next class, on Thursday.

Make a post on this blog. You should: a) write a short paragraph about yourself, b) include a picture of yourself, and c) provide a link to a website that you like or visit often. Be prepared, next class, to talk about why you like the website for a presentation of five to ten minutes. Talk about:

1. The design of the site

You should be able to describe the use of:
a) color
b) fonts
c) images
d) the general layout

How do each of these elements serve (or undermine) the purpose and content of the website? What is the emotional or design quality of each of these elements? For instance, a site designed for children might use colors that are bright, vivid, and friendly -- with a font that appears playful or toy-like.

2. The navigation of the site

How it the site organized? How do you get from place to place? Is the content on the site easily accessible? Are there different navigation schemes on different parts of the site, or is it consistent across the site?

3. The functionality of the site -- what the site "does."

Also, if you have a website of you own, post a link to that as well.

And don't forget -- I highly recommend you order the book "Visual Quickstart Guide to Dreamweaver CS5," online.

Finally -- if you'd like to download a copy of the syllabus, it's here: