Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Banyan's 5 Week Plan

Week 1

Start planning page and gathering content

Week 2

Finish home page

Week 3

Start adding projects

Week 4

Continue adding to projects

Week 5

Finalize web site

Brittany's 5 Week Plan

Week 1:
Finalize header and site title.

Week 2:
Finish touches on design of the template. Add a couple of blog posts.
Figure out how to hyperlink words out.

Week 3:
Add two blog posts. Travel and gather images.
Learned how to insert and resize images with captions.

Week 4:
Add two blog posts.

Week 5:
Add two blog posts. Travel and gather images.


Mariah's 5 Week Plan

Week 1
·        Create website opener image
·        Sketch out and create more original illustrations
·        Sketch out and create more commissioned images for book illustrations (Also part of internship)
Problem Log:
               4/4- Finished opening image but had problems loading it in with Wix ADI editor, had to go back to the regular WIX editor, which I do know better, but it is not as streamlined and focused as ADI.  Minor issues with laptop processor when it came to the creation of the opener image, but it is up and everything seems to be going much better now.
               4/7 - Changed from WIX ADI to WIX Editor, it's going much better now. Organizing the photos is difficult with my many files, but I'll continue working on them and organizing them.

Week 2
·        Create more original illustrations
·        Begin drafting timeline for types of blog posts (Trip to Japan, new artists, ect…)
·        Possibly film introduction video
Problem Log:
               4/11 - Working on more individual illustrations that are being used in a book series and internship, some issues with Photoshop interfering with Paint Tool SAI, but it's going pretty well so far.
               4/13- ???

Week 3
·        Photographs of workspace w/Morgan Meadows
·        Organize photographs on “About” page and write biography
·        Organize galleries and determine titles for subpages
Problem Log:

Week 4
·        Create Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter accounts for TrivialCreations
·        Connect above social media to website
·        Organize social media to coexist with website
Problem Log:

Week 5
·        Make website live
·        Begin writing 2+ blog posts a week and posting them actively
Problem Log:

Website: http://editor.wix.com/html/editor/web/renderer/edit/755d8521-ebbb-479b-b984-083eb2927a14?metaSiteId=35c5f475-7af7-4d0e-972e-53d5cc7a8fdf&editorSessionId=2661CCA2-D3D2-49C3-B890-4653A20DBB02
Parker's 5 week plan.

week 1
choose theme, name, header image- had trouble with photoshop

week 2
finish home page
begin other pages- using html to format my blogs how i want them has been a bit of a struggle slowing figuring it out.

week 3
finish page 1 & 2- Coming up with what to most about has been a struggle.

week 4
Finish page 3 & 4- figuring out alighment of photos is hard and the html coding isn't helping much

week 5
add finishing touches- Trying to figure out ways to make the website more my own with my voice


Sheri's 5 Week Plan

Week 1:
Find a platform
Start design on first page

Navigated through a few blog sites. Finally decided on WordPress.

Week 2:
Complete first page
Complete first blog

I visited some other blog sites for some inspiration. It really seems to be about showing your personality. I am thinking about putting in pictures of myself with the products to make it more personal.

Week 3:
Blog 2
Blog 3

Wanted to change the font. I got help from a classmate.

Week 4:
Blog 4
Blog 5

Struggling on a product to compare. Went back out and explores other blogs for some fun ideas.

Week 5:
Blog 6
Revise blog

my website

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kyly's 5 Week Plan

Week 1: 
Categorize images into projects/galleries, create photo captions 
Edit images 
Complete photoshoot for landing page (send to artist for sketch)
Work on logo- KylyBClark

Week 2: 
Finish logo
Incorporate gallery template
Write about page 

Week 3: 
Create landing page with sketch and logo
Create contact page

Week 4: 
Finalize design aspects
Upload all content

Week 5:
Create business cards with logo in indesign 

Tuesday, April 11

Today I looked at hosting websites, and explored the possibility of copying information from Caitlynworthington.com. But I could not locate where her images were being hosted. I am gravitating towards Photoshelter templates because they are cheaper monthly and I realize I cannot start this process from scratch at this point. I also learned how to expand a shape in illustrator and make changes like deleting unwanted shapes and I started practicing how to modify existing letter shapes. 

Tuesday, April 18

Today I got my logo almost finished! I learned how to use the pen tool, how to add and remove anchors, and use the handles to shape/recreate the letters in my name for my logo. I fixed the problem of thick lines, and a cluttered design. 

Here is my website! https://kylybrynn.wixsite.com/mysite

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Raquel Ferrari's Weekly Plan for Final Project

Week 1
Homepage/landing page  finished
  • add/edit pictures
Develop script for work experience & portfolio 
  • get examples of the flyers from SMS
  • photos from events at SMS
  • Any school projects?
  • photography?
  • johns website?
Develop about me script

Week 2
Integrate content on to webpage

Week 3
Clean up/deveolp icons for interests/hobbies and others

Week 4
Research how independent marketers get themselves out there

Week 5
implementing from week 4

3/28 Problem Log
- decided to change my weekly plan.. will work on resume page for the next 2 weeks and then move on to revising and adding to John Fochetti Fly Fishing website.
- other problem was not being able to have scrolling picture for the background on my resume page.. decided to take new photos to have only one or two used along the page that i like more so i don't need to have multiple

4/11 Problem Log
- updated landing page
- need to determine how on the homepage to lead visitors to scroll down... can't find an arrow or wording that i like
- need to write about me that is interesting yet professional.

jori's plan

Week 1
integrate text and descriptions
logo design
Week 2 
Integrate insta feed, upload my own stuff
Week 3
2 post blog content
Week 4
new edit + blog post
Week 5
blog posts + clean up everything

5 week plan, Bekah

due- blog 1 uploaded

due- blog 1 revised

due- blog 2 uploaded / revised

due- blog 3 uploaded

4-27- blog 3 revised
Problem Log

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Template Refs

Some links we'll examine today:




Bootstrap Templates

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Links for part one of the midterm

The midterm has three components:

1. An HTML/CSS section
2. A design section
3. A "fake news" section

You will be answering the questions for #1 and #2 in class on Thursday. Look for a link at the bottom of this post if you want to preview the questions ahead of time.

The answers for section #3 are DUE AT THE START OF THURSDAY'S CLASS, PRINTED OUT.  I want you to read the following four short articles, which give some of the institutional and cognitive context to "fake news," and answer the eleven numbered questions that are woven through them.

Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists? Here's What Happened When It Hired Some.

1. Why did FB hire journalists to curate trending news?

2.Why did they have such a high burnout rate?

3. What are the tensions between FB's values and journalistic values?

How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News

4. What is the driving motivation behind the fake news sites that sprung up in Macedonia?

5. What allows fake news to be profitable?

Why More Democrats Are Now Embracing Conspiracy Theories

6. What psychological basis does the article present for the growth of fake news being consumed by Democrats?

7. What is the attraction of "conspiracy thinking?"


8. How would you define "mysids bias"?

9. How do Mercier and Sperber trace human lack of reason to hunter-gatherer social groups?

10. Explain the "illusion of explanatory depth."

Final question on "fake news" –

11. What steps can or do you take, personally, to reduce the influence of fake news/ alse information in your life?

Lastly, here's the link to the questions and files for Thursday's class: