Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brett's To Do List


* Created a paypal account
* Created a commerce website through
* I create a "store" button on my website that link to my commerce website (
 * I still need to create a rollover image for the "store" button

Week One
-       Start drafting ways to incorporate a blog into the site (wordpress, etc.) ***DONE 3/28/13 à Need to fix setting of Facebook like button to position correctly on a phone ***
-       Drafting ways to incorporate chart system (bigcartel, in house, etc.)
-       Fix some of the flickr code problems (stop auto changing of images for slideshows)
Week Two
-       Create/design blog section ** DONE 3/26/13
-       Incorporate blog section into site ** DONE
-       Make sure blog section connects to the Bring Ya Lunch/Facebook ** DONE
Week Three
-       Redesign side header so font is universal in quality (currently “Contact”
-       **DONE 3/26/18 à fixed resolution issue with contact section, all tabs are universal
-       section is not the same in quality as the other headers  **DONE
Week Four
-       transfer content that is relevant from old blog (Pizza and Yaakkk)
-       change contact page on to have a link to new blog
-       ** DONE “blog” section is a tab on ever page  ** 3/26/13
Week Five
-       Might be busy pulling hair out with BFA show, but I’ll try to do something :)
Week Five
-       Incorporate newest logo design into the side header ** DONE
-       Have logo alter when mouse hovers over ** DONE
-       Change contact page so links are now images (facebook, instagram, email, etc.)
Week Six
-       Figure out how to implement shopping cart system (either from scratch or, etc.)
-       Incorporate shopping cart system on “Lunch” section of site
-       à Store cross link with Lunch section & it’s on header

Brett's Problem Log

“Bring Ya” Problem Log

Plugins used for Wordpress:

“Page Links To” by Mark Jaquith
**allows pages on blog to link to URLs

”Wordpress Facebook Like Plugin” by AJ Batac
** allow the use of a facebook like button at the bottom of each post

- important tag & Facebook like button / plugin

#wp_fb_like_button{margin-bottom:-70px !important}

// changed the position of the Facebook like button

-arranged facebook like button to the left so it would position correctly on smartphones

#wp_fb_like_button{width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; margin-bottom;-70px !important; float:left;}

-Image borders

/*Image borders*/
border: (any number)px solid #ddd;
padding: (any number)px;

----padding makes the image highlight with a border

-Change Title font color & make it so it doesn’t change when hovered over

.entry-meta a, .entry-meta a:hover, .entry-title a:hover {
color: #222!important;

-Change Date position of blog posts

.entry-date {
position: absolute!important;
top: 0;
margin-left: 0;

- Make is so the are no tags displayed for under post

.cat-links, .sep, .tag-links {
display: none;

Carrie's To Do list

Carrie's to do list next two weeks
- consilidate 2 websites
-chaninging logo font on wix site
-adding texture to background
-resizing the slide show images to correct flickering issue
-fix shopping cart images sizing
- Text on opening page.. bring from old site to new site
- About.... add info to story

i want to do a custom order form on my shopping cart so people can plug their measurements in

on wix: i can't increase the size of my site title anymore because it is at max size... not stoked


Last three weeks:

Test Big Cartel on weebly site, then decide which site to go with. If you go with Wix, bring in textures from weebly - if you go with weebly, use a more standard font for body text. (There will probably be other changes too).

Custom order forms (look at Kyle's solution).

If jacket is completed in time, do a "fashion shoot" for gallery.

March, 28: Class Update

Flikr Photos:
I continued what I was working on last class with Flikr. I have continued to add more photos into sets then putting them onto my Wix website.
I used an HTML widget on Wix to insert the HTML code of my Flikr sets. Below is the website address where I got the HTML code for my sets.

To get to this web address go to your flikr account and go to which set you wish to put on your website. After you get the set up open it up in a slideshow. Then go to share and customize the HTML code. Then you just copy the html and put it into the html widget.

Here is a website to help you with making sets on Flikr:

I had noticed that everything on my Home Page would not line up with my background image on my Wix website ( I don't know if it is just the class monitors, but I just noticed it today and it needs to be worked on next class if not before. I don't know what would have caused this because in the Wix editor it looks fine. I am thinking that my background image is actually just not centered to begin with.

Alexa's Problem Log

Since I have changed my website entirely.....

This is my new problem log.

I want my site to contain my tumblr blog and eventually a blogger blog but I couldnt figure it out and i was posting everything manually, which looked fine but it would just be easier to sync all of these to the wix site. I then realized that in the wix app store they had not only a tumblr app but a blogger one too! I have uploaded both of these now.

Alexa's To-do list

Next 2 weeks...

1. Sync tumblr to wix
2. Set up Blogger for roommate stories (At least one story posted)
3. Sync up blogger with wix
4. Content for home page
5. Figure out roommate submission form on blogger and/or wix

Courtney's To-Do list

Next Two Weeks:
Create Logo
Put writing samples
Change Navigation to suit best portfolio presentation
(i.e. writing samples with subpages labeled Fiction/poetry/non-fiction. These could be adobe PDFs. And a page for design work with a gallery.)

Long Term:
Keep Blog updated
Research how writers branch out to get people to read their blog

Jenn's To Do list

Two weeks
1. Fonts- limit to three
2. Upload content to writing, photos, video
3. Change photo on "writing clips" slide
5. Update logo
6. About page - scrunched
7. Best gallery plug-in for photo page
8. Video hosting

Last three weeks:

Change "writing clips" photo
Eagle's Eye PDF conversion

Rest of semester
1. Upload blog content
2. Focus on how others use social media and blogs to promote selves.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

jj / mjb to-do

  • Android App
  • Netbeans addon (style app)
  • fix touch event on mobile
  • filter deals by dates
  • fix registration/login redirect
  • pick a new name. make new logo. change background image
  • fix verbiage

Post spring break problem log: Matt Braley

Next two weeks:

Getting my blogger attached to my Wix website:
Attached blogger using a free Wix widget using the website bellow. The only problem I had with the widget was the fact that the background from my blog was not brought into the Wix page. The widget only allows the posts from blogger.

Need to keep working on:
- Get fluent
- could change width of blogger

Figure some color problems out in Wix:
I have just been tinkering with colors in different parts of my Wix website to get it more subtle and not so neon. What I was doing was editing the style of a box in Wix and just playing around with certain colors. There was no special way to go about it other than just making sure it blended in but was a good useful color.

Figure out the Flickr sets in blogger:
As of today my blogger is working well with the Flikr photo sets. I was afraid of them not working again because it didn't work when I presented my blogger to the class. I don't know what was happening that day but it seems to be working just fine now.

Intro on home page:
I have been thinking about what to put on the homepage of my Wix website and I think I am going to take the about part from my blogger website and put that on my homepage. Along with some short little facts about where I live snowboarding preferences, just some quick simple stuff.

Organize gallery by races:
I took my original gallery and fix it by putting all the pictures together by every certain race. I think this will give a more fluent look to the gallery. Will also give the viewers an easier way to just look through a single race instead of a bunch of photos from every race mashed together.
I used an HTML widget on Wix to insert the HTML code of my Flikr sets. Below is the website address where I got the HTML code for my sets.

To get to this web address go to your flikr account and go to which set you wish to put on your website. After you get the set up open it up in a slideshow. Then go to share and customize the HTML code. Then you just copy the html and put it into the html widget.

Change contact font:
Chris pointed out to me that my biography page and my contact page had two different fonts on there and I want to change that. I went with the biography font because it is the same as the header title and the biography page. Plus I like the font more.!aboutus/csgz

Weeks 3-7:
The above problems I am going to work on for the next two more weeks of class. For the last weeks of school I am going to work on the problems bellow. I will check off and report back what I still need to do and what I have done already. I want to get the website functional and looking good before I really worry about or get carried away with the content.

Integrating Facebook/Instagram:

Change Wording:

New blog posts every week:

Research how other snowboards use blogs and social media in the off season:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

mjb / jj problem log

  1. Need custom menu to support both desktop and mobile browsers
    • Using script to determine which menu to display before it is sent to user
    • Using Bootstrap for animated drop down menu on mobile browsers
  2. Need customers location to query database for nearby venue information
    • HTML5 has geolocation API which can get approximate user location
    • jQuery gets users location, posts to database, builds query and returns JSON array to Google Maps API to place markers
    • Google Maps loads markers with data collected through ajax GET

  • Users need to be able to easily search for their business

    • Google Places Autocomplete API provides us with a geographically bound business search that will try and guess what the user is looking. With a little jQuery, the users are provided a list that is narrowed as they type. Once a location is selected, a marker is added to the map with an info window showing name, address, phone and a button for the user to verify it is their location
    • Setting up Android app
      • downloaded android developer eclipse ide and setup new project
      • figuring out google maps api for android and location api
    1. Installed LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
    2. Installed email support on server
    3. Installed Java servlet support
    4. Installed software compiler to install other supports
    5. Domain name not propagating
      • DNS at fault. Took them three weeks, but they got it fixed
    6. Competition has some patents that might cause some issues.
      • Meeting with Mr. Gire after Spring break
    I am going to continue with my Wix website. I am thinking of connecting my blogger website to my Wix website so that I can keep the readers up to beat. These are my websites so far.!home/mainPage Problem Logs: I still need to re-write some of my wording on my Wix site. It is okay how it is, but it just needs to be perfected. With my blogger website I need to figure the flikr sets out. When I presented the website it didn't show up on projector for the class. Also on my Wix website I need to change some colors in the background. I just need to find the right colors. I don't want it to be plain white though.

    video clip of the day
    Start watching at 4:20!!!

    Home Turf

    I showed each of the websites to my parents and we decided together that we were going to perfect the Wix account because there will be more room to be creative. With that said we are going to do the following: More in depth descriptions of sod, pictures of the sod, update the map, include contact info on each page.

    Divaa Media Checklist

    I am choosing to continue to develop and publish my wix site:

    I would like to complete the following:

    -switch out the pictures on the contact and mission pages.
    -keep my tumblr and facebook pages up to date because they are linked to the site.
    -continue to refresh the main video on the home page "raw".
    -make sure that my mission statement is as clear and intriguing as possible.

    Things I still need to do

    I still need to fix up the blog to page ratio on wix and customize my blogger site with a more personalized background. Also, I need to make my About section sound less humble. Because I have a blog though, I feel like the design elements, once taken care of, take a backseat to the content itself, so ultimately I will have to work on posting every day. Also, I'd like to discover more about how to share my blog with others.

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013


    On the last class before break, this thursday, there are three things I want you to have completed:

    1. At least two pages of your site designed, in the format/hosting solution you've chosen for your final product.

    2. A posting to this blog, listing out all the things you still need to do to your site to make the site "finished" and ready to present to the world. This will form the agenda of what you need to do for the last half of the semester.

    3. Flesh out your "problem logs" with links, and more comprehensive information about your solutions.

    Alex's Website

    Here are the links to the two websites I started creating:

    I am going to go forward with the first link which is through wordpress and hosted through

    Some things I need to work on our the order prints page, it needs all the photos and an ordering system or shopping cart of some sort. I also need to add captions and titles for all the photos and add more photos to each section. I can also work on the adventure page which is where short stories of trips and treks into the backcountry or where ever I go for photo shoots. I also need to adjust the hover state of the font in the menus. The about page can also maybe be adjusted a little.

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    Kelvin's Problem log

    1. Change the simple header to the official logo
    2. Brief introducing to what Gundam is
    3. Embed related video
    4. Add more detail
    5. More picture

    Carrie's Website and Problem Log

    1. My web site, is intended to sell my designed outerwear. Outerwear is a necessary component to skiing and snowboarding. Consumers are constantly spending money on outerwear, as it is in the fashion world. Visually and artistically, there is a need for fresh outerwear.   The features of the site will be viewing the product and the shopping cart... the ability to purchase.
    The purpose of the website aims to outfit snowboarders and skiers and represent resorts from around the world through innovate outerwear.

    2. The audience is male and females between the ages of about 15- 45. Their demographic is colder climates with snow. I plan on adding to the blog often, including life style shots and videos, and selling custom fit jackets to attract and retain their attention.

    3. I chose wix and weebly. I chose wix because of the option of adding a shopping cart. I chose weebly because of the simpleness. I was able to build a effecient website in a an afternoon.

    Problem Log
    I have a slide show on the home page. It is a wix slide show template. The images are having trouble loading as of right now. They keep resizing themselves in an annoying way. I think I need to re size the images to fit the template: 650 x 485
    I REsized the images... they are flowing better now! but one image is still a bit smaller... dont know why.

    I don't particularly care for the background of my first blog, it is wood grains. I am looking into a new organic, simple background. The website i a using is.

    APRIL 2, 2013
    I am having issues with my shopping cart on wix. I want the images to display larger, to fill the white space, but for some reason they are auto cropping. I don't like this.

    I REsized the images on my home page slide show... they are flowing better now! but one image appears is still a bit smaller... dont know why because they are all the same size!

    April 18
    I am working on my shopping cart. i have a few options, big cartel or prestashop
    also, there is a custom form i can upload form2go which will allow me to add a custom size form, for custom jackets!

    Alexa's Site

    Sorry I wasn't able to attend class today but I had couldn't miss my bus :-( 
    Here are screenshots from my Wix site if any of you would like to take a look at it. Have a good day!