Thursday, March 14, 2013

mjb / jj problem log

  1. Need custom menu to support both desktop and mobile browsers
    • Using script to determine which menu to display before it is sent to user
    • Using Bootstrap for animated drop down menu on mobile browsers
  2. Need customers location to query database for nearby venue information
    • HTML5 has geolocation API which can get approximate user location
    • jQuery gets users location, posts to database, builds query and returns JSON array to Google Maps API to place markers
    • Google Maps loads markers with data collected through ajax GET

  • Users need to be able to easily search for their business

    • Google Places Autocomplete API provides us with a geographically bound business search that will try and guess what the user is looking. With a little jQuery, the users are provided a list that is narrowed as they type. Once a location is selected, a marker is added to the map with an info window showing name, address, phone and a button for the user to verify it is their location
    • Setting up Android app
      • downloaded android developer eclipse ide and setup new project
      • figuring out google maps api for android and location api
    1. Installed LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
    2. Installed email support on server
    3. Installed Java servlet support
    4. Installed software compiler to install other supports
    5. Domain name not propagating
      • DNS at fault. Took them three weeks, but they got it fixed
    6. Competition has some patents that might cause some issues.
      • Meeting with Mr. Gire after Spring break

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