Thursday, March 28, 2013

March, 28: Class Update

Flikr Photos:
I continued what I was working on last class with Flikr. I have continued to add more photos into sets then putting them onto my Wix website.
I used an HTML widget on Wix to insert the HTML code of my Flikr sets. Below is the website address where I got the HTML code for my sets.

To get to this web address go to your flikr account and go to which set you wish to put on your website. After you get the set up open it up in a slideshow. Then go to share and customize the HTML code. Then you just copy the html and put it into the html widget.

Here is a website to help you with making sets on Flikr:

I had noticed that everything on my Home Page would not line up with my background image on my Wix website ( I don't know if it is just the class monitors, but I just noticed it today and it needs to be worked on next class if not before. I don't know what would have caused this because in the Wix editor it looks fine. I am thinking that my background image is actually just not centered to begin with.

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