Monday, April 24, 2017

Course survey link

Please fill this out - it's really helpful to get feedback:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bootstrap resources

We'll touch on this today:

 And here is the download spot for bootstrap:

Final time

Our final will be here, in our usual classroom, on Saturday May 6th, from 3pm-5pm.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stephanie's 5 week plan

Here's my five week website plan: 

Week 1: Design website, choose theme (Zerif Lite), customize theme

Week 2: Layout home page, about page & portfolio page

Week 3: Layout contact page & blog category, 2 blog posts

Week 4: 2 more blog posts

Week 5: Review website, make final tweaks


Sunday, April 2, 2017

For Tuesday (4/4)

Hi everyone. My apologies for missing out on most of Thursday – and not realizing how long the Midway Art Portfolio Review was going to be. I want to hit the ground running on Tuesday – I want to review two pages (the home page and one other of your choice - it could be an "about" page or a "gallery" page) of everyone's site. If you're doing a blog, please have two blog posts completed so that we can loo at them on Tuesday. Hope you've all had a good weekend, and see you soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Banyan's 5 Week Plan

Week 1

Start planning page and gathering content

Week 2

Finish home page

Week 3

Start adding projects

Week 4

Continue adding to projects

Week 5

Finalize web site

Brittany's 5 Week Plan

Week 1:
Finalize header and site title.

Week 2:
Finish touches on design of the template. Add a couple of blog posts.
Figure out how to hyperlink words out.

Week 3:
Add two blog posts. Travel and gather images.
Learned how to insert and resize images with captions.

Week 4:
Add two blog posts.

Week 5:
Add two blog posts. Travel and gather images.

Mariah's 5 Week Plan

Week 1
·        Create website opener image
·        Sketch out and create more original illustrations
·        Sketch out and create more commissioned images for book illustrations (Also part of internship)
Problem Log:
               4/4- Finished opening image but had problems loading it in with Wix ADI editor, had to go back to the regular WIX editor, which I do know better, but it is not as streamlined and focused as ADI.  Minor issues with laptop processor when it came to the creation of the opener image, but it is up and everything seems to be going much better now.
               4/7 - Changed from WIX ADI to WIX Editor, it's going much better now. Organizing the photos is difficult with my many files, but I'll continue working on them and organizing them.

Week 2
·        Create more original illustrations
·        Begin drafting timeline for types of blog posts (Trip to Japan, new artists, ect…)
·        Possibly film introduction video
Problem Log:
               4/11 - Working on more individual illustrations that are being used in a book series and internship, some issues with Photoshop interfering with Paint Tool SAI, but it's going pretty well so far.
               4/13- ???

Week 3
·        Photographs of workspace w/Morgan Meadows
·        Organize photographs on “About” page and write biography
·        Organize galleries and determine titles for subpages
Problem Log:

Week 4
·        Create Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter accounts for TrivialCreations
·        Connect above social media to website
·        Organize social media to coexist with website
Problem Log:

Week 5
·        Make website live
·        Begin writing 2+ blog posts a week and posting them actively
Problem Log:

Parker's 5 week plan.

week 1
choose theme, name, header image- had trouble with photoshop

week 2
finish home page
begin other pages- using html to format my blogs how i want them has been a bit of a struggle slowing figuring it out.

week 3
finish page 1 & 2- Coming up with what to most about has been a struggle.

week 4
Finish page 3 & 4- figuring out alighment of photos is hard and the html coding isn't helping much

week 5
add finishing touches- Trying to figure out ways to make the website more my own with my voice


Sheri's 5 Week Plan

Week 1:
Find a platform
Start design on first page

Navigated through a few blog sites. Finally decided on WordPress.

Week 2:
Complete first page
Complete first blog

I visited some other blog sites for some inspiration. It really seems to be about showing your personality. I am thinking about putting in pictures of myself with the products to make it more personal.

Week 3:
Blog 2
Blog 3

Wanted to change the font. I got help from a classmate.

Week 4:
Blog 4
Blog 5

Struggling on a product to compare. Went back out and explores other blogs for some fun ideas.

Week 5:
Blog 6
Revise blog

my website

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kyly's 5 Week Plan

Week 1: 
Categorize images into projects/galleries, create photo captions 
Edit images 
Complete photoshoot for landing page (send to artist for sketch)
Work on logo- KylyBClark

Week 2: 
Finish logo
Incorporate gallery template
Write about page 

Week 3: 
Create landing page with sketch and logo
Create contact page

Week 4: 
Finalize design aspects
Upload all content

Week 5:
Create business cards with logo in indesign 

Tuesday, April 11

Today I looked at hosting websites, and explored the possibility of copying information from But I could not locate where her images were being hosted. I am gravitating towards Photoshelter templates because they are cheaper monthly and I realize I cannot start this process from scratch at this point. I also learned how to expand a shape in illustrator and make changes like deleting unwanted shapes and I started practicing how to modify existing letter shapes. 

Tuesday, April 18

Today I got my logo almost finished! I learned how to use the pen tool, how to add and remove anchors, and use the handles to shape/recreate the letters in my name for my logo. I fixed the problem of thick lines, and a cluttered design. 

Here is my website!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Raquel Ferrari's Weekly Plan for Final Project

Week 1
Homepage/landing page  finished
  • add/edit pictures
Develop script for work experience & portfolio 
  • get examples of the flyers from SMS
  • photos from events at SMS
  • Any school projects?
  • photography?
  • johns website?
Develop about me script

Week 2
Integrate content on to webpage

Week 3
Clean up/deveolp icons for interests/hobbies and others

Week 4
Research how independent marketers get themselves out there

Week 5
implementing from week 4

3/28 Problem Log
- decided to change my weekly plan.. will work on resume page for the next 2 weeks and then move on to revising and adding to John Fochetti Fly Fishing website.
- other problem was not being able to have scrolling picture for the background on my resume page.. decided to take new photos to have only one or two used along the page that i like more so i don't need to have multiple

4/11 Problem Log
- updated landing page
- need to determine how on the homepage to lead visitors to scroll down... can't find an arrow or wording that i like
- need to write about me that is interesting yet professional.

jori's plan

Week 1
integrate text and descriptions
logo design
Week 2 
Integrate insta feed, upload my own stuff
Week 3
2 post blog content
Week 4
new edit + blog post
Week 5
blog posts + clean up everything

5 week plan, Bekah

due- blog 1 uploaded

due- blog 1 revised

due- blog 2 uploaded / revised

due- blog 3 uploaded

4-27- blog 3 revised
Problem Log

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Template Refs

Some links we'll examine today:




Bootstrap Templates

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Links for part one of the midterm

The midterm has three components:

1. An HTML/CSS section
2. A design section
3. A "fake news" section

You will be answering the questions for #1 and #2 in class on Thursday. Look for a link at the bottom of this post if you want to preview the questions ahead of time.

The answers for section #3 are DUE AT THE START OF THURSDAY'S CLASS, PRINTED OUT.  I want you to read the following four short articles, which give some of the institutional and cognitive context to "fake news," and answer the eleven numbered questions that are woven through them.

Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists? Here's What Happened When It Hired Some.

1. Why did FB hire journalists to curate trending news?

2.Why did they have such a high burnout rate?

3. What are the tensions between FB's values and journalistic values?

How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News

4. What is the driving motivation behind the fake news sites that sprung up in Macedonia?

5. What allows fake news to be profitable?

Why More Democrats Are Now Embracing Conspiracy Theories

6. What psychological basis does the article present for the growth of fake news being consumed by Democrats?

7. What is the attraction of "conspiracy thinking?"


8. How would you define "mysids bias"?

9. How do Mercier and Sperber trace human lack of reason to hunter-gatherer social groups?

10. Explain the "illusion of explanatory depth."

Final question on "fake news" –

11. What steps can or do you take, personally, to reduce the influence of fake news/ alse information in your life?

Lastly, here's the link to the questions and files for Thursday's class:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reminder: Homework for Tuesday (2/28)

Just a reminder (or, for those of you who weren't there, the basic info):

For Tuesday's class, I'd like you to bring three things, which would constitute the building blocks of the home page for the site you'll be making for yourself in the latter half of the semester. These elements are:

1. A big, dominant image for the page (what is sometimes called a "hero image").

2. A headline for the page.

3. Two or three sentences that follow the headline, that explain or "frame" what the site is about. It's an introductory mini-paragraph.

This is following the lead of the fake-news in-class assignment we did – where we chose an eye-grabbing photo, and tried to sensationalize the info around it in a way that made it click-bait. For your own site, you can be more ethically above-board! But the idea is still to grab people's attention, and to give them an expectation of what your site is about.

This doesn't have to be executed in html.  – it can be put together in photoshop, or if you're still feeling stymied by photoshop, you can just gather your picture and have the text in a word document. If you don't have the image you'd like to use for your hero image created yet, you can use an "aspirational" image – something that is in the style you'll like to create/purchase/find for yourself, when you have more time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Class canceled today (Tuesday 2/21)

Hi all. I'm canceling class today (MT Rose is closed, according to nvdot, and it's raining slush down here in Reno). Stay safe, and see you Thursday.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tutorial for Today (2/16)

We're going to go through the first two parts of this Dreamweaver tutorial today:

Some notes:

Skip the section (from part 1): Save the project assets to a Creative Cloud Library

Index.docx is in the “content” folder at the top level of the “bayside" folder

Skip the section (from part 2): Use the Quick Property Inspector to format text elements

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

For today (2/9)

The CSS Box Model:

The position declaration:

Positioning elements with CSS:

And a downloadable file to play with:

I want you to us that downloadable html page, and customize it to make it a web page about Frogs. I have text I want you to import into the page - and then it is up to you to find images, embeddable videos, etc, to fill out the content of the page. I also want you to make a header for the page – we'll get into that in class.

Here's the text:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hi, Im Hannah Greene I'm a Digital Arts and Journalism Major here at SNC. I transferred from Pace University in Manhattan New York. I am originally from Vermont. I like snowboarding hanging out with my dogs, doing art, cooking and living an active lifestyle.

References for Tuesday, 2/7

Using list elements to make a nav bar:

After I've gone over this page, take the source code from the finished example, then paste it into a blank text edit file, and save it as an html page to your computer. Edit the css for the page, and make the following stylistic changes:

1. change the names of all the nav buttons, and make them all external links to actual websites.

2. change the font face in the nav bar.

3. change the color of the nav bar, including in the "hover" state.

4. change the dimensions of the padding on the nav bar.

We'll also talk about wire framing, and lay the groundwork for:

1. A website wireframe prepared for one of the sites you picked that is in the same "genre" of the site you'd like to make, their first and second level pages. A wireframe example (click to enlarge):

2. You'll make a website flowchart as well (you can do a google image search for "website wireframe" and "website flowchart" to see examples).

 A flowchart example (click to enlarge):

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

References for Tuesday, 1/31


The "href" tag:

The "img" tag:

Aligning images with CSS:

Here's a downloadable zipped file with css and an image to play with:

Here's a paragraph from a story we'll be talking about today -- and creating some hyperlinks with, today or Thursday, as well:

I said out loud: I must flee. I sat up noiselessly, in a useless perfection of silence, as if Madden were already lying in wait for me. Something--perhaps the mere vain ostentation of proving my resources were nil--made me look through my pockets. I found what I knew I would find. The American watch, the nickel chain and the square coin, the key ring with the incriminating useless keys to Runeberg's apartment, the notebook, a letter which I resolved to destroy immediately (and which I did not destroy), a crown, two shillings and a few pence, the red and blue pencil, the handkerchief, the revolver with one bullet. Absurdly, I took it in my hand and weighed it in order to inspire courage within myself. Vaguely I thought that a pistol report can be heard at a great distance. In ten minutes my plan was perfected. The telephone book listed the name of the only person capable of transmitting the message; he lived in a suburb of Fenton, less than a half hour's train ride away.

Here's the wikipedia page for the story, which contains a link to the full text of it.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homework for Tuesday

For next Tuesday's class, you will have been given a "fake news" story to read. I want you to read the link, and after reading it, make a written list of questions you would ask, and people you would contact to verify or debunk the story – pretend you're a journalist or fact-checker assigned to verify the story. Print out that list.

Then, I want you to research the story online (each of these stories has already been reported on by other news organizations), and write a two-page paper on what your conclusion is – whether you think the story is, indeed, fake news, or whether it holds up. Explain why you came to that conclusion, and cite your sources. I'll want to present your conclusions in class.


Jewish family removes child from Hempfield school amid backlash over 'Christmas Carol' cancellation

Ben, Austin, Jesse, Brittany, Stephanie

Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States (election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania believed to be hacked)

Jamie, Raquel, Bekah, Banyan


Trump protests intensify, as doubts swirl about spontaneity (right-click on the link to open in a new window - for some reason it doesn't want to load on a simple click)

Parker, Joris, Kyly

Trump claims he won the popular vote (three links - ) 

Cited studies

Mariah, Shawnie, Sheri, Hannah

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Heyy there! I'm Madeleine. I believe life is all about taking chances and meeting new people, experiencing new things, and having your perceptions altered. Sarcasm basically just spills out of mouth and I tend to laugh at my own jokes. People are typically shocked I don't consume enormous amounts of coffee, you'll understand when you get to know me. I am a total neat freak, but please don't tell my mom. She either won't believe you or worse, I'll get stuck cleaning when I go home. I enjoy baking in my free time and have strongly considered auditioning for Cake Boss. I live for embarrassing karaoke nights and costume parties. Which of course makes Halloween my favorite day of the year....I mean week.

There is me, dressed up as myself, "Madeleine" standing next to a very unhappy Mulan.

A website I use often and feel is well designed is

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Video to start class

found this over the weekend, and I was a huge fan of the office. Just thought it was funny, and related to my B-Law class where I found out Jeff session is our new attorney general.

A little intro

Hey! I'm Shawnie Personius i am a double major between Fine Arts and Marketing here at SNC. I transferred over last year from Northern California on a scholarship to be the studio manager/ lab tech for the ceramics and sculpture studio here. I mostly work in ceramics, metals, projection and poetry. I love living a creative life, but i love being surrounded by a creative community even more. On a typical day you'd find me running around the studio with a coffee in my hand. I love adventure, travel, and laughing. I'm originally from Minnesota, but do not have an accent so please don't ask me to say "bag" or "don't ya know".  Eventually i would like to start my own company. But really i'm just on a quest for sustainable happiness.

One of my favorite sites besides pinterest ( already mentioned) is YouTube. Personally because its a great tool for quick learning and music videos.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hi my name is Joris Grintalis. I moved here to Tahoe from Maryland, but my family is originally from Lithuania. I am in love with skiing and I am a member of the freeski team. Besides my obsessive love for skiing I enjoy photography, videography, and video editing. In the summer time you can find me running from mountain to mountain as I found a love for hiking this past summer.

My favourite website to visit would have to be

References for Thursday, 1/19

Please download this html editor:

HTML - basic definitions.

A basic HTML intro, from a great web design resource site, W3schools:

HTML elements:

Here is a battery of links that may be useful to you in the formatted poem, our first html-based assignment:

I want you to take a poem or song lyrics, and use text formatting to "design" the text in ways that emphasize properties of the poem/song (for instance, if there is a line that's very angry, perhaps the font is larger and red for that section). I want you to use at least six different text properties (color, font face, size, alignment, etc.) in the course of the poem/song.

Links to CSS text and font info:

The "span" tag (for modifying elements outside of "p" and "header" tags):

Web colors:

Link to CSS examples (scroll down for text and font properties):

An online resource for getting the text of a poem:

And here, below, is some basic html text styling code – utilizing inline CSS – that I thought might be helpful as a "base file" for you to build your poem out of. Hopefully it gives an idea of some basic text-styling syntax (I'll break it down in class):

Download it here.
Hello there! I am Raquel Ferrari, a senior studying Marketing and graduating in May! 🎉 

Me with my boyfriend and our dogs,
Norman and Rusty.
I currently live in Reno, NV, but am originally from Menlo Park, CA. I work at my mom's fly fishing lodge in Northern California where we have 3 horses, 3 miniature donkeys, 1 miniature cow, 3 dogs, and 9 cats. Oh, and a lot of guests to take care of each week. 

My favorite things are fly fishing, my dogs, animals, trying new things, and traveling.

A website I visit often is Netflix

A website I have made is John Fochetti Fly Fishing, which will be published in the next few days!

Hi My name is Banyan Claussen.
I am a senior here at Sierra Nevada College. I came from Silver City, New Mexico to study Digital Arts and Marketing. I love the outdoors. I enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing and mountain biking. I also have a passion for art. Photography has opened my eyes to so many wondrous places. More recently, I have taken a liking to drawing and intend to hone my skills as an artist.

Hi, I am Sheri. I am from Santa Rosa, California. I transferred from Sonoma State University. I am a Marketing major and hope to do some work with non-profits.
facebook.comI enjoy using Facebook. It is very user friendly and I enjoy staying updated with friends and family.

Introducing Myself

Hello! I am Jamie Wanzek, a senior studying New Media Journalism. I am on the freestyle ski team and the managing editor for the Eagle's Eye.  I am from Durango, Colorado.
I like writing. I like photography. And I love the combination of writing and photography to share stories, conquer curiosities and reveal truth. I also like language– Spanish especially.
I am a big fan of a constantly changing horizon– whether it's an adventure in my backyard or across the ocean.
I also really enjoy sliding on the snow with my skis and swimming in Lake Tahoe.
A website I enjoy going to is a magazine from the U.K.

Introducing Myself

My name is Mariah Hartley, I'm a transfer student from Lake Tahoe Community College studying Art, though my primary focus in my personal art has been digital illustration. I plan to eventually open an organization that focuses on Art and Companion/Animal Therapy for teens and young adults.

A picture I made of Sugilite from Steven Universe.

Currently I work as an art instructor at the Martis Camp Family Barn, a large gated community that gives me the ability to work with children and encourage them to be creative! I also run two pages on DeviantArt, one for prints that I sell at anime and comic conventions, and another for my own personal art!
Convention Specific:

Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Austin Below and I am from Oakland, California. After taking a semester off, I am officially back at Sierra Nevada College. I decided to come back and get my marketing degree in hopes to apply the knowledge I learn to my current company.


I currently run a company called Unison Streetwear. It is a clothing brand and a passion that I have been working and studying on for the past 4 years. I just started to post recently on my website called Here is a link to a website I like to visit very often: