Monday, April 29, 2013

Web Design Final

Please fill out the course evaluation form at:

Our final is officially on Tuesday, May 14,  from 8-11; however, it will only take us a couple hours to cover what we need to cover, so we'll meet from 9-11.

On the final, you will give an oral presentation on your finalized website - this will be accompanied by a short written essay about your website, posted to this blog (which should also include a link to your completed website). The oral presentation and written essay will be about your visual design choices, and your problem-solving accomplishments, and will specifically address the following questions:

1. How would you describe the overall "look and feel" of your site? What choices did you make to arrive at that look and feel, and how does the end result relate to the audience you are trying to attract to your site? What assumptions do you think your audience will make about you, and why?

2. Describe the choices you made in picking and displaying images on your site. How would you describe the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the images you are using? Address the sizing, composition, and general color palette of your images, as well as the content of the images themselves.

3. Describe your choices in picking fonts, color palettes, and layout. What were the choices you made in each of these areas, and why? How do they relate to the sorts of design choices you see in websites from "genres" that are similar to yours? Pick a competitor website, and compare and contrast the design choices your competitor made.

4. Pick two major problems you solved over the course of designing your website - they can be technical problems, content problems, or design problems. In each case, how did you identify the problem, what was the solution to the problem, and how did you figure out that solution? Feel free to re-purpose material from your problem log for this.

5. What is your plan for getting visitors to your site? Please research how sites in your "genre" have generated audiences for themselves.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Matt Braley 4.18.13

Problem Log: 4.18.13

Today in class I did not work on my original Wix website I started over again with another template, but I was able to get everything done. It isn't completely finished, but I liked it a lot more.
Link for new Wix:

Because my original website didn't like to properly work with my blogger I just did not embed it into my website I just put a Blogger Social Icon that is linked to my blogger on the header of my new

If any one knows how to link it out so that it opens in a new tab please let me know. I want it so when someone clicks on it, it just opens a new tab in the same window. It doesn't take someone to a completely different place.


Finish up shopping cart issues

Refresh images

*Butcher cut shots

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2: Problem Log

In Class:
Worked on getting the colors for my blogger that is on my wix website figured out. If anyone knows an easier way to put a blogger blog on a Wix website. The way I have it now it just puts my post but non of the background images or the colors. Right now I am using a Wix widget for blogger to get my blog onto my site.

Still Need To Work On:
Just need to work on my biography page. I need to get my paragraphs to sound more confident.!aboutus/csgz 
This is my BIO page as of now.

I tried to figure out how to line up my background image. I couldn't figure it out today, I just tried moving things over to be lined up but then everything isn't centered on the screen. It would all be off centered to the right. 
Kyle's Troubleshooting

Problem One
-      Because of the issue of ordering on my web page being so variable because of the different size/weight of the food, I am forced to change to an order form format rather than a shopping cart that is already built in.

Problem Two
-       By eliminating the shopping cart feature, I am forced to re-engineer how my shopping cart feature and product store work. I need to get rid of anything that would confuse a potential client on my web page.

Problem Three
-       When adding the order form, I am limited by Wix as to what they offer. After looking on the internet for free order forms I can use, I will have to add it as a HTML in order to get it up on my site.

JJ / MB Problem log


  1. Need custom menu to support both desktop and mobile browsers
    • Using script to determine which menu to display before it is sent to user
    • Using Bootstrap for animated drop down menu on mobile browsers
  2. Need customers location to query database for nearby venue information
    • HTML5 has geolocation API which can get approximate user location
    • jQuery gets users location, posts to database, builds query and returns JSON array to Google Maps API to place markers
    • Google Maps loads markers with data collected through ajax GET

  • Users need to be able to easily search for their business

    • Google Places Autocomplete API provides us with a geographically bound business search that will try and guess what the user is looking. With a little jQuery, the users are provided a list that is narrowed as they type. Once a location is selected, a marker is added to the map with an info window showing name, address, phone and a button for the user to verify it is their location
    • Choose appropriate hosting and email server within financial capabilities
      • Used GoDaddy for hosting and domain registration
    • Choosing a proper way to develop an app
      • decided to use NUI (Native User Interface)
    • Setting up Android app
      • downloaded android developer eclipse ide and setup new project
      • figuring out google maps api for android and location app
      • implementing ActionBarSherlock 
      • finalizing the app and connecting it to the web site
      • making app respond to the web site invoke
    • Push notifications
      • how to apply for push notification license on different platforms (APNs, GCM, WNS, MPNs)
      • how to implement them into Android app (possible with UrbanAirship).
    • Figuring out realistic milestones for app launch
      • Beta version: June
      • Final version: August/ Sptember

    Kelvin's Problem Log

    Adding the Mecha in the first season=> 6 more page to do hopefully done in this week
    Adding more technology => 3 to 4 page to go
    Adding the Mecha in second season=> 7 page need to add, hopefully done this weekend
    Adding the Mecha didnt show up in the animation but in the side story or movie=> many of them no idea when can I finish

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    Alex's To-Do List

    In the next two weeks:
    I want to add a shopping cart section.
    I'll need to add photos to that section,
    decide on prices, quanity and options for printing.

    The rest of the semester:
    Shopping cart,
    more photos,
    edit the about me section,
    add more stories to the adventures section.


    Last three weeks:
    issues with mobile display
    adding blog content