Tuesday, April 2, 2013

JJ / MB Problem log


  1. Need custom menu to support both desktop and mobile browsers
    • Using jQuery.browser.mobile script to determine which menu to display before it is sent to user
    • Using Bootstrap for animated drop down menu on mobile browsers
  2. Need customers location to query database for nearby venue information
    • HTML5 has geolocation API which can get approximate user location
    • jQuery gets users location, posts to database, builds query and returns JSON array to Google Maps API to place markers
    • Google Maps loads markers with data collected through ajax GET

  • Users need to be able to easily search for their business

    • Google Places Autocomplete API provides us with a geographically bound business search that will try and guess what the user is looking. With a little jQuery, the users are provided a list that is narrowed as they type. Once a location is selected, a marker is added to the map with an info window showing name, address, phone and a button for the user to verify it is their location
    • Choose appropriate hosting and email server within financial capabilities
      • Used GoDaddy for hosting and domain registration
    • Choosing a proper way to develop an app
      • decided to use NUI (Native User Interface)
    • Setting up Android app
      • downloaded android developer eclipse ide and setup new project
      • figuring out google maps api for android and location app
      • implementing ActionBarSherlock 
      • finalizing the app and connecting it to the web site
      • making app respond to the web site invoke
    • Push notifications
      • how to apply for push notification license on different platforms (APNs, GCM, WNS, MPNs)
      • how to implement them into Android app (possible with UrbanAirship).
    • Figuring out realistic milestones for app launch
      • Beta version: June
      • Final version: August/ Sptember

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