Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/29-14 felix mobarg

Today I created and uploaded a flash movie to the blog, a add for my blog basically

For today

Hi everyone – I'm going to be about an hour late this morning – have to take my kid to a doctor check-up appointment, because my wife came down with the stomach flu and can't take her as planned. My apologies.

Before I arrive, if you could export your flash banners as both a swf file and as an animated gif, I'd like to take a look at those as soon as I get in. If anyone has a flash drive that everyone can put the exported files on, that would be ideal, so I don't have to spend time collecting the files when I get there.

Also, before I get there, take a look at the three parallax examples in the below class blog post. There are three examples - one that moves vertically, one that moves horizontally, and one that sort ofopens the images like curtains (not exactly parallax, but cool nonetheless). Each example has a demo and downloadable files.

Please pick the demo that looks the most interesting to you, in terms of the page functionality, and start to develop graphics you'd like to deploy for your own parallax page. In other words, I want you to take one of the formats (vetical, horizontal, or "curtains"), and figure out a cool design for a page that would work for that format, using your own ideas and graphics - basically customizing the effect with your visuals. This could be something related to your website, or it could be something totally new. I can help you with sizing, and so on, when you get back - but start to assemble your images. You will eventually have to save them as PNGs with transparency, so that the images "behind" the front images can be seen.

Parallax References

Here are three, with different effects, and downloadable source files:




Tuesday, April 22, 2014

keifer log 4-22-14

I worked on the animation for my website banner, and got a lot done, but may work on it a bit more.

felix logg 4/22-14

made a add for my page with flash and posted another photo on the blog

Link to standard web banner sizes

Here, for reference today:


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Felix Logg 4/17-14

today I made two new posts. first post was some skate pics from the other day and the second one was a picture that i photoshopped in class

Eric Unterberger 4/17/2014


I worked with different formatting options in order to add an online calendar to my website.
Unfortunately google calendars won't work through Weebly, so I needed to use outside sourcing and integrate a calendar that wont work through LDGS's primary email address.

Still waiting for official product photos for LDGS website.

4/17/14 Claire Bagg Website Updates...


Today I worked on the following:

  -Added some new blogs
         -finding more inspiration.

About Me:
  - I re-wrote my "About Me" hopefully making it more descriptive.
       -edited picture to fit in more with other images of mine.
            -more desaturated with vingetting.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Claire Bagg - 4/15 Updates

4/15 work:

- Added to my blog.
- Worked on getting my site more publicized with the public
- Added to my art based Instagram 

Felix Logg 4/15-14

- Edited my sets on flickr and created galleries to post on my blogger for all of my pages
- changed my blogger pages, gathered all snow, skate, surf under one page
-posted a new photo

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eric Unterberger 4/10/14

Today I integrated Facebook into my Weebly website, by adding a like box that displays recent posts and people who follow LDGS. I also learned how to work with iframe in the process. I researched how to integrate the LDGS Instagram page, and I am currently looking for the best way to apply the code to my Weebly website.

Keifer Bly Post April 10 2014

Today, I added more videos to my website, and also fully laid out my plan for my next tutorial, which will over gaming.

4/10 Katie Jensen

I applied image rollover buttons with links to different pages of my site on wix! as the viewer rolls over my home page images they turn from black and white to color

felix long 4/10-14

Today I started a flicker account to easier manage my photos and to be able to make galleries for the blog
4/8 Katie Jensen

added pictures to miscellaneous section
created animation that occur when different pages are opened by the viewer
added a more confident about me and changed my picture

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keifer Bly Log 4-8-14

Today, I fixed an image with my websites template where I could not upload a custom image as my website header. I also removed a strange black bar that was blocking the view of my website header image, and added some more tech tutorial videos to my website.


  • Added new pictures
  • Changed the font to a standard size and color
  • Added paragraphs
  • Included a Gallery category
  • Worked on the design

Jake's Log 04-08-2014

- Updated "Venues - SF/Bay Area" with original writing
- Updated "Homepage" with news (original writing) upcoming events, and links to buy tickets
- Updated "Media" page with Soundcloud embeds and Youtube embeds

Felix long 4/8-2014

Today I posted more pictures
and went out to take some new ones in the skatepark
and messed with the design
changed and edited the header picture
also added a contact bar on on the navigation

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eric's Log

Week 1:

·        Edited and added content to events page
      Incorporated Events Schedule into the website using a word document allowing consistent updates of the fairs and festivals lemon drop gift shop will be attending.
      Continued to work on home page banner using the editing tools Weebly provides
             Sorted through and deleted all saved photos that will lead to copyright if uploaded to the Weebly website
      On the Store page I incorporated six subpages for dresses, jewelry, scarfs, skirts, purses, and hats. Instead of having every product on one page, this will help the buyer sort through and find exactly what they need.  
            Before next class… get better product photos to upload to the Weebly website. Photos should look professional with a white backdrop.
      Week 2:
n    Added products to Store Page.
      Continued to edit homepage, while adding facebook, instagram, and twitter links.
      Researched how to add instagram updates to the home page.
      Linked the contact page to the special order paragraph on dresses page 


What Keifer Bly Accomplished Today

Today, after some exploring, I managed to figure out how to add a new page to my website. Using this, I was able to add a contact page with all of the ways that anybody who has any questions could possibly contact me.

I also worked on finding a way to change the background image of my website's templates. While unsuccesful, I did find out how to upload images to my website in general.

Ted Porter Logg

Ted Porter  Logg
- I learned how to color correct, crop and all that in photo shop.
- I'm not sure if it is just my trial but I am having a hard time saving my photos as a Jpeg.
-Just figured out the saving issue.
April, 8
- Continued to color correct photos.
- Working on stitching photos together.
- Finished the prices on the menu
- Wrote "our story"
- Still messing with photoshop
Today I learned that if you tap a word with 3 fingers on the track pad with a mac, it will bring up the definition for that word.
april 22
-Today I learned how to make flash banners
-also worked more in photoshop
april 24
- worked on my banner more tying it into my sites theme
- Worked more in photo shop I learned how to use the selection tool
- got a lot better and creating motion tweens
May 1
- Worked with parallax. Struggled. I tried to switch some images but it didn't really work.

what Sean accomplished today

I added a revised version of my artist statement in the about section of my website. I also figured out how to add my own header. I did this by doing a lot of clicking around. I also deleted the stock photos that i had added to take the place of my actual photos.  The next step is taking pictures of all my work. I figured out that i need to borrow the cube from Rick and a nice camera from someone, possibly eric

Jake O'Leary - Log

Today in class, I populated my site with:

- Song of the day with paragraph about song
- Populated Tahoe venues page with pictures and description
- Populated Reno venues page with pictures and description

Sierra Progress

-successfully imported rollover social icons into blog
-working on background
-working on painting

Claire Bagg -- Day to Day Work Schedule

April 3, 2014:
         Worked on artists "About Me" page.
                     -I read different artists statements from other photographers/friends such as Annie
                      Leibovitz, Benjo Aras, Russell James, Maggie Taylor & Steve McCurry.
                                -Most other statements or bios I read talk about their life work and what they
                                 have achieved throughout their career. Since I am just beginning in photography
                                 I decided to keep my bio or "about me" page simple and short.

          Added to my blog.
                     - Updated information on my Artist Statement continuation.
                     - Added a blog about the upcoming "fairy tale takeover" coming in theaters
                       through the next two years. Which I am SO excited about!

Felix logg 3/4-14

Toady I messed with the layout of my blogger blog

I changed:

the header,

the theme,

the background,

the navbar,

added a new page.

I also updated the blog with some new photos

and changed the names of my pages.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

schedule for KT illustrated

Katie Jensen

I am going to continue with my wix site.  

April 1st: 

I am going to work on my homepage layout and make the font more consistent throughout the site.  I am also going to change my navigation bar to less specific categories and add a miscellaneous section. 

April 3rd: 

Have a full plan of the text that is to show up on the site.  Make the text more formal as if someone were looking to hire me based on my site.  Select one picture rather than three for my about me.  
add roll overs

Aril 8th:

make a different header something with KTillustrated
layout for digital art and video and miscellaneous
make some kind of grid with rollover animation 
keep the site black and white while the artwork is the only color.  
make use of negative space

April 10th-22nd:

layouts for the rest of the sub pages
add contact information 

April 29th:

will have photographs of all the artwork left in my hometown.  can add to the paintings and drawings section

Eric's to-do list

Week 1:

Lemon Drop Gift Shop….. Eric Unterberger

Continue adding to Weebly.
      Create a Home page
S    Switch content on the About page and change paragraph txt
            Add black fade and brighten banner to make it more visible
      Take out banner on Contact page
      Add subpages to the store including dresses, skirts, scarves, jewelry, and hats
·       On Dresses page include txt stating that all pattern dresses are custom, and no two patterns are the same. Please call or click the contact link at the top of the page for your special order.

      Week 2:

Add an events page that lists each fair/ festival Lemon Drop Gift Shop will be attending including their dates and times. Can a public calendar be integrated? Contact Linda, get her feedback for content/design. Put facebook, instagram contacts on homepage. 

Week 3: Look into integrating instagram and facebook feeds directly into site.