Tuesday, April 1, 2014

schedule for KT illustrated

Katie Jensen

I am going to continue with my wix site.  

April 1st: 

I am going to work on my homepage layout and make the font more consistent throughout the site.  I am also going to change my navigation bar to less specific categories and add a miscellaneous section. 

April 3rd: 

Have a full plan of the text that is to show up on the site.  Make the text more formal as if someone were looking to hire me based on my site.  Select one picture rather than three for my about me.  
add roll overs

Aril 8th:

make a different header something with KTillustrated
layout for digital art and video and miscellaneous
make some kind of grid with rollover animation 
keep the site black and white while the artwork is the only color.  
make use of negative space

April 10th-22nd:

layouts for the rest of the sub pages
add contact information 

April 29th:

will have photographs of all the artwork left in my hometown.  can add to the paintings and drawings section

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