Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For today

Hi everyone – I'm going to be about an hour late this morning – have to take my kid to a doctor check-up appointment, because my wife came down with the stomach flu and can't take her as planned. My apologies.

Before I arrive, if you could export your flash banners as both a swf file and as an animated gif, I'd like to take a look at those as soon as I get in. If anyone has a flash drive that everyone can put the exported files on, that would be ideal, so I don't have to spend time collecting the files when I get there.

Also, before I get there, take a look at the three parallax examples in the below class blog post. There are three examples - one that moves vertically, one that moves horizontally, and one that sort ofopens the images like curtains (not exactly parallax, but cool nonetheless). Each example has a demo and downloadable files.

Please pick the demo that looks the most interesting to you, in terms of the page functionality, and start to develop graphics you'd like to deploy for your own parallax page. In other words, I want you to take one of the formats (vetical, horizontal, or "curtains"), and figure out a cool design for a page that would work for that format, using your own ideas and graphics - basically customizing the effect with your visuals. This could be something related to your website, or it could be something totally new. I can help you with sizing, and so on, when you get back - but start to assemble your images. You will eventually have to save them as PNGs with transparency, so that the images "behind" the front images can be seen.

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