Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eric's Log

Week 1:

·        Edited and added content to events page
      Incorporated Events Schedule into the website using a word document allowing consistent updates of the fairs and festivals lemon drop gift shop will be attending.
      Continued to work on home page banner using the editing tools Weebly provides
             Sorted through and deleted all saved photos that will lead to copyright if uploaded to the Weebly website
      On the Store page I incorporated six subpages for dresses, jewelry, scarfs, skirts, purses, and hats. Instead of having every product on one page, this will help the buyer sort through and find exactly what they need.  
            Before next class… get better product photos to upload to the Weebly website. Photos should look professional with a white backdrop.
      Week 2:
n    Added products to Store Page.
      Continued to edit homepage, while adding facebook, instagram, and twitter links.
      Researched how to add instagram updates to the home page.
      Linked the contact page to the special order paragraph on dresses page 


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