Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It is:

 Monday, May 7, 9-11

Vice and social media marketing

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hi everyone- sorry for the late notice but class is canceled today due to the power outage- we will reschedule with Daniel. Just work on your own sites from home before Wednesday.

Monday, April 9, 2018

This Wednesday (4/9): Show and Tell

For this Wednesday's class, be prepared to take 5 minutes to show your progress on your website. I'm not expecting them to be done – this is a "work in progress" showing. To help things move along, if your site is live, please paste a link into your "problem log" post so that we can jump directly to your site from the blog. If you have only been working on files locally, bring a drive I can plug into my computer.

We'll take a look at your site, and please share one cool thing you figured out - or one problem that was satisfying to solve.

Monday, April 2, 2018

3 Week Plan + Problem Log

3 Week Plan
(Week 1)Wednesday: Re-pick template, input navbar information, sort pages and content wanted, write the description

 (Week 2)Monday: Design logo/ name banner and tree diagram in Photoshop, upload more information
Wednesday: Work on the tree diagram, sort, edit, and upload pictures

 (Week 3)Monday: Edit/update information content on a page, include references to other activists/ authors/ websites/ of use, finish tree diagram and upload to page
Wednesday: Find non-profits to upload

Problem Log
(Week 1) I accomplished what I wanted to other than writing all types of descriptions. I like the editing layout and template of Squarespace much more than Strikingly too. So far no problems...

(Week 2) I worked on a design logo during both classes, uploaded a couple of varieties, and hated them all. After it all, I reverted back to the default text and liked it the most. I still want to work on hopefully creating a useful logo so it's still in progress but I aesthetically prefer the text over an image. I added more design structure and information but I still have a good amount to upload. I've also uploaded banner photos to the pages, some temporary until I can make better. I haven't worked on the tree diagram too much as the inputting information has taken longer than I initially expected.

Problem Log

Last week, I had the chance to post pictures of Patzcuaro, add a navigation bar, and a picture header. I  will be adding a small description on every picture, so they audience know what they are looking at.