Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What's due for Monday (3/26)

By the start of class this coming Monday, I want you to have the following things completed:

1. Your website should be hosted on some platform (it's OK if it hasn't been "published" and made public yet - but it should be hosted, in at least an edit view, online. If you're using downloaded templates, you don't need to have the html/css pages posted to a server yet. At this point, your website should include the homepage, with a "hero" image and an introductory headline/paragraph. If you are creating a portfolio site without a headline, I want you to have a draft of your "about me" page.

2. The website should include a navigation bar, with pages for all the sections you intend to have for your site (they can be placeholder pages for now).

I also want you to have written up, and printed out, a short 1-to-2 paragraph paper on what you chose the platform you did. Why did it seem better than any other platform you looked into?

On Monday, we'll take a look at your homepages in class.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Some references for your website

This is what we'll talk about today – some options for hosting your website. Your task, for the next week, will be to investigate some of these options, and to build out a homepage and placeholders for your other main pages by next Monday. Also due Monday: a plan for the remainder of the semester, prioritizing what you'll do week-by-week to create and deploy the content for your site.

Shopify (integrated eCommerce)

Some comparisons:

Pair Networks


Monday, March 5, 2018

Web Design Midterm

Here is a link to download the questions for our midterm:

And here is a zipped file of the reference files you need to answer the questions:

For those of you at nationals: I'll give you till Monday morning (3/12) to email me your completed midterm (instructions are in the questions document above).

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

For Monday (4/5)

This is what I would like you to have to hand in, printed out and stapled together:

1. The main image people will see when they come to your homepage. If you don't already have an image that you know you want for your homepage, I'd like you to find an image that has the same "feel" as the image you'd like for your homepage (an "aspirational" image for your homepage).

2. The first sentence (or "headline") people will read when they visit your homepage. Try to think of this in terms of "voice" – not just a sentence that introduces people to what your site is "about," but which gives a sense of personality. It's the difference between "This is my photography website" and "As far back as I can remember, I've been in love with light." (Note: maybe, for a portfolio site, you just want to show an image with no text outside of the nabber – if so, write a sentence that will be the first sentence of your "about me").

3. A short paragraph – somewhere between two and five sentences – that people will read after that headline. Something that gives just a little more context for your site.

4. A wireframe (it can be drawn with pencil and paper) of your homepage, indicating what visitors will encounter on your homepage. This is just boxes, which could include things like – logo, main image, news feed, link to social media, etc – include what tabs your navigation bar will have.

Monday, February 26, 2018

References for Today (Monday 2/26)

We're going to look at the Dreamweaver interface today - if you'd like to install a trial version on your own laptop (the 30-day period should cover what you need to do for class), you can grab it from this page:

Today, we'll talk about the Box Model:

Setting up a site in Dreamweaver:

CSS in Dreamweaver reference:

Bootstrap in Dreamweaver: