Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carrie's Website

The overall feeling of my website is fun, creative, and visually pleasing. The feeling is intended to be fresh and local. I built two websites. One was on Wix, which was a lot simpler. This site is black and white, with no background. I chose the website I built on Weebly because I thought it was more exciting. Excitement promotes shopping. Also, I felt with the wood background on my final website is setting a local, Tahoe, lifestyle feeling.
I think the audience will assume creativity and experience, on multiple levels.

I capture my experiences and translate everyday activities into a consolidated piece. I photograph snow, plants, nature, trams, gondolas, and any aspect that relates to snow culture. I observe, document, and translate details. I take a photograph which represents a key moment in my day. I create strong, bold images. I aim to rekindle people's emotions, memories, and experiences. All of my images are taken with a digital super 8 camera. The images are generally a little grainy, setting a traditional, classic look. I display my work on outerwear because it is functional. Functional in multiple ways;  I aim to express a moment and place in the world and outerwear is my canvas. My photographs function as fashion. The art displayed on my pieces are mobile. The first step of my process is taking digital super eight photographs. I don't start my sessions with the sole purpose of taking photographs. Instead, I engage in my day to day passion; snow. My images naturally follow. In a digital dark room I than transform, collage, and merge my images into a harmonious visual. I arrive at a mountain to interact with the snow and my surrounding and take with me textures, patterns, scenes, and moments in time. I create visually pleasing pieces, with components of nature and environment. 

I wanted a bold, fun, font. I chose white and black font colors because they are simple and bold colors. I chose light blue as accent colors because it reminds me of snow.

Two major problems I over came were adding a shopping cart.  I chose to use Big Cartel to host my shopping cart. I chose this website because it is free, up to about 8 items. When clicking on the shopping cart link, you are taken to another page.
Another problem I had with my Wix website was resizing the images in the shopping cart to be viewed as larger. I found out that the images are viewed differently, depending on what internet program is being used.

My plan on getting more visitors to my site is through marketing. By combining my unique logo, the cat in the bag, and stickers, I will intrigue views to check out the site when they see the strange logo and name.

Other sites in my "genre," outerwear, have generated audiences for themselves through sponsorships and branding; product placements. online contests, Facebook, and word of mouth.
Linkedin is another method of companies in my genre to generate audiences.

Alex's Final Essay

Alex Sullivan

Website Design

            I chose to build a photography website to gain exposure and display my photography in a professional setting. The website is clean and professional looking website that allows the images to be the main focus for the audience. The visitors of the site will be potential clients, customers looking to buy a print or possible employers looking at the portfolio of photos. I believe they will see that I’m organized and professional and have an eye for photography through the way the website is presented.
            The images that were chose to be used on the website are some of the best photos I have taken from action sports to landscape and travel photos. The images take up most of each page, giving the attention to the primarily to the images. As for the emotional and aesthetic qualities the images show the adventure and action photography that I capture. They create a feeling of wanting to be there and experience the moment that is captured.
            As for fonts used on the website there are three different types that are used throughout the site. The font colors are brown, teal and black on some pages with text. Besides the photos and fonts the website is a simple white to give it a clean professional feel. A website that is similar to mine is www.grantgunderson.com. The website is simple, and allows the photos be the main focus of the website just like mine. The font and text is more simple and just black compared to the more colorful and lively text I used.
One problem I faced was adding a custom font on wordpress. I had to install a cufon plug-in (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-cufon/) on wordpress. I then had to convert the font into a JavaScript on this website: www.cufon.com. Then I went to my hosting site and uploaded a font folder with the converted font into the WP-Content folder. I then put in the Cufon replacement code into the Cufon box that is under the appearance tab on the wordpress menu. The Cufon code then finds the header or text you want to replace and changes it for you.
Another problem I ran into was with the shopping cart. I tried many different shopping carts, but there was always one thing or another that each of them lacked. Then I found the plugin called Image Store, which had everything I was looking for. The plugin is fully customizable and allows many options for pricing and features for the product, including dimensions and material.
I will market my website through social media such as Facebook and Tumblr.  I find that other photographers market their websites and prints through Facebook or social media to gain traffic. I also will market my website on my resume and business card to gain a more professional reputation and to gain traffic through that way.

Jaka/Matt Final Essay

Matt and I have created a web site called UrbanFeat. It started off as a business plan that is now developing further into an actual real business. Having said that, we were locked onto some of the web site features, logos, pictures, functions..., so we tried to make the best out of what we had available.

Going through the bulletpoints.

  1. We were aiming for a simple, easy to use web site with clear and comprehensive links. The idea of UrbanFeat is complicated enough so users have to be presented with an easy to use interface. Having that in mind, the sites links are suppose to be comprehensive and easy to follow. Also, one of the design choices was not to have too many links on the site that could confuse the user, but make it as straightforward and small as possible. UrbanFeat web site is suppose to attract contracted venues that are using UrbanFeat services as well as smartphone application users that are looking to expand their experience with UrbanFeat. Demographics should be mostly younger generation under 30 years old. Hopefully web site users will see UrbanFeat as an easy to use web site with a certain purpose and goal to help venues and users connect and benefit from each other. The picture in the background is suppose to make people wonder what's happening behind the corner. And that's what UrbanFeat is all about.
  2.  The site does not have a lot of images yet (and probably never will)! The reason for that is since pictures cost you time on loading. More pictures, more loading time for the user. UrbanFeat experience is suppose to be painless and easy which means fast loading times. Having said that we've decided to keep pictures to a minimum. There will be more pictures being uploaded when the company starts selling advertisement space. If we take a look at the background picture, it is serving it's purpose. It needs to trigger curiosity in users as well as make them want to explore unknown streets and places. The colors are pretty diverse, with a lot of bright colors (red, orange, light blue) that are relaxing and happy.
  3. Fonts and sizes are still being discussed and in the process of being changed to something a bit more creative. The Layout was intended to be simple with easy instructions and to enable users to be able to search around the site fast and with confidence of knowing where they are headed. The menu is simple with just a couple of links that dig deeper into the site (including "log in" button). We see Groupon as one of our biggest competitors and we were sort of moving into the same layout of the site but making it a bit smaller and more comprehensive. Groupon's menu has a pretty big selection options with a lot of sub-menu links. Our web site was suppose to be simpler! Otherwise we used the same style, menu up top with a login button on top right annd the main content in the middle.
  4. One of the main challenges in this project was definitely developing an alpha version (for now) of an Android application. One of the biggest struggles for me was on the research side and not on the technical as many would expect. It was hard to find a lot of reliable research on push notifications technology, as well as integrating required material into an actual app. Having solve that was mostly just designing and testing, with divide and conquer algorithm, which means that we divided the problem into a lot of smaller problems and then try to solve them individually with trying and testing possible solutions until one of them worked. The second thing I would point out was a design and layout problem. How to position things and where to put the main menu to make users as comfortable as possible. This is problem that can't really be solved for good.
  5. UrbanFeat web site is used as a tool in services UrbanFeat provides which means that venues are in need to use our web site in order to experience what they are paying for. In other words venues have to log in twice a week to send out push notifications to users which will generate a constant amount of visitors. Also, users will be able to extend their experience through the web site that will offer the same services as our application. Once UrbanFeat will reach a critical amount of application users, through aggressive marketing strategies, they will exponentially grow and so will our web site visitors.
In conclusion I would like to say that this was a great project on which I personally learned a lot from. I enjoyed the class a lot and would definitely recommend it to other students.

Matt Braley Final

  1. I designed my website to further spread my snowboarding name out there. I made my website so I can try and get sponsor ship deals from companies online. My website has a very welcoming easy to use layout that anyone can work. A lot of snowboard companies that I am trying to reach all like simplistic looking easily 
    functioning website.
  2. The specific images I finally decided to use for my website are images from one of my best national competitions. With some of my best racing happening in those pictures I have a sort of confidence about why images. The color palette of my website is not too colorful. My maine boxes on my website are just a simple grey box with a grey outline.
  3. A lot of websites with similar reasons are more flamboyant, colorful, and bright. I think this is to grab the attention of viewers as the pass by their websites. In comparison to my website similar ones are way more busy and claustrophobic.
    This is the website of a professional Slalom and Giant Slalom racing. He is from Austria and is really good. His website is contrasting and bright. It is well organized and functions smoothly. Unlike this website I had more of a light background and darker writing and pictures. This allows the wording on the website to pop and not be caused to hide within the darker background.
  4. My biggest problem with wix layouts is the interaction between blogger and my website. There was no way to properly embed my blog into my Wix website. I ended up not actually embedding the blogger blog into my website but I just put a blogger tab that people can open and observe at their own will.
    My second biggest problem was figuring out what to say and how to say it was pretty difficult. I think that what I have now is okay, but could very easily be better.
  5. My website is snowboard company specific so other than just sending my website to companies it is going to be quiet difficult to do. I think I am going to just spread it around via Facebook and other social media networks. I would just spread my name through my friends, and friends of my friends. Hopefully spreading my information around efficiently.
Here is a link to my final website:

Monday, May 13, 2013

I tried to go for a simple layout with dominant images where appropriate. I wanted a simple black and white color scheme that allowed the images to stand out and kept a simple design. After experimenting with a bunch of fonts I chose to stick to just 3 simple similar fonts. The images I chose convey my passion and familiarity with the outdoors and mountain lifestyles. I think my audience will assume I am another crusty ski bum trying to get by without getting a real job. I based my inspiration for website design based on people who strive to achieve a similar lifestyles.

2. Describe the choices you made in picking and displaying images on your site. How would you describe the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the images you are using? Address the sizing, composition, and general color palette of your images, as well as the content of the images themselves.
The majority of images on my site are ones I took myself. I hope to show that I am at least somewhat proficient with a camera in addition to the writing portfolio I am displaying. I chose to display large photos that show as much of a variety of outdoor adventure as I can.

3. Describe your choices in picking fonts, color palettes, and layout. What were the choices you made in each of these areas, and why? How do they relate to the sorts of design choices you see in websites from "genres" that are similar to yours? Pick a competitor website, and compare and contrast the design choices your competitor made.
I chose to stick to less than 4 colors and fonts for the layout of my website. I kept it simple so as to make the actual content stand out. I feel that many of my "competitor" websites tend to keep a simple color and font design,  but many of them choose one stand out color or font for accent. I may consider doing something similar in the future to keep my site from being boring. I feel that as I create more content to store on the site, I will somehow decide on what design changes need to be made. 

4. Pick two major problems you solved over the course of designing your website - they can be technical problems, content problems, or design problems. In each case, how did you identify the problem, what was the solution to the problem, and how did you figure out that solution? Feel free to re-purpose material from your problem log for this. 
My first problem was an unorganized mess of fonts and colors that I had to narrow down to a simple easy layout that was easy to focus on. The solution was not technical so much as just coming up with a focused theme. The second problem involved the layout on my "About" page.... for some dang reason I thought that an html table would be an excellent way to display my resume. It is... kind of... but it's also a pain in the ass when I have to make any changes to the page. The solution to this problem has been to make all my edits in the text view and not the "visual" box... otherwise Wordpress inserts some weird coding and screws up the formatting. Another problem I encountered was in how to display photos. I don't know if I'm happy with what I have yet. I also had a problem with my video that has nothing to do with my site so much as just figuring out how I was going to edit the spelling.

5. What is your plan for getting visitors to your site? Please research how sites in your "genre" have generated audiences for themselves

I think the most obvious way to generate visitors for this genre is to create interesting content and then share it via social media. It's important to create a network of people who are also interested in that kind of content and willing to pass it on.I have been following similar blogs and watching how they publicize their content. Another way to generate traffic is through figuring out how to work SEO to ensure that your site pops up when people search for that kind of content. 

Courtney's final essay

My site’s (http://courtneyberti.wix.com/pen_your_brain) contrast of bright orange and deep purple along with the somewhat messy font gives it an introspective creative feel. The navbar is easy to find making the site easily navigable and the transparent purple overlay for my portfolio and my blog brighten the page up as if to give it motion. I used the background image that I chose because I wanted something weird and sort of dark that put someone in another world, given the site is geared towards fantasy and sci-fi writers. For this purpose too, I chose a butterfly for my logo, but I’m thinking about changing it to a dragon or a faerie instead, to better convey to my audience what the site is about and who it’s for. I think my audience will assume, from my site, that I’m a girl for one, because the colors are orange and purple and the logo is a butterfly, but also that I’m professional and experienced in the fields of writing and publishing since I have my portfolio up and am posting writing exercises as well as book links and reviews. This is great because I’d like to start offering my freelance services as a book designer through my site.
In choosing the homepage image I decided on a large faerie image to display the fantasy nature of the website. I’d like to incorporate more images like this in. I chose to make it a large picture since the pages are fairly squat and have a lot of text on them. A large picture to balance the text blocks seems appropriate, design-wise, to not deter people by intimidating them with a lot of reading. For the About Me picture I wanted a picture of myself and this one was the only one that seemed appropriate, really, particularly because I am holding up the Sierra Nevada Review that I was one of the assistant editors for. Also, the red and black on my shirt and the purple and blues in the faerie image complimented the background and text colors nicely.
As far as layout, I chose a wix template that was the most appealing to me. For the color palette I chose purple first because purple is one of the quintessential fantasy genre colors (i.e. the dark crystal, The Legend of Drizzt). It’s one of those colors that coveys magic. Orange is a great color that compliments purple and I wanted the text to stand out but not be too stark or blaring in contrast to the background so orange worked. Its softer than white and bright enough to make the site feel more welcoming since it’s a warmer color than black and dark purple. For the font, I wanted something messy to convey creativity. A competitor site is a blog on blogger called The Bookshelf Muse. It’s a blog all about writing tips, so a little more dedicated to one subject than I am, but I like that its focused. The design is a basic blogger template with no customization and a complimentary color to the background as the header. I use a complimentary color in my header also, but The Bookshelf Muse is overwhelmed by text and not enough images to offset the text, so I tried to incorporate big images alongside my text to offset the feeling of having to do a lot of reading.
One of the technical problems I faced was making an imported blog look good on wix. There is no way to change the font in which it appears or the width of the blog itself so I had to do something to make the writing look less stark. It really helped to change the background color of the blog itself to a transparent purple that drew the eye away from the background image and helped it focus on images and text within the blog box. In order to do this one just double clicks on the blog box in the editor, clicks on app settings, and Color. This will allow you to choose the color of you background and play with the opacity. Another problem presented itself with the blog though. If you import your blog to wix from blogger it does not allow people to comment. Since I want people to participate by posting their responses to book reviews and exercises, comments are necessary, so I inserted a comment button and put a redirect link (http://penyourbrain.blogspot.com/) with a short explanation that guides people to the blogger page itself if they want to comment. I also inserted a link in the blogger navbar to redirect readers back to wix. The second logistical thing was finding a way to upload my professional portfolio that didn’t make the site take too long to load. A slideshow in google drive with small file sizes ended up being a great solution. It is easily imported to wix, updates automatically, and doesn’t take too long to load. Every time you re-sync google drive on wix though, you have to change the background of your slideshow again. Not too big a deal.
When I look on top ten writing blogs I find that nine out of ten of them have the word write in the title. The other has the word pen…so I’m sort of on the right track. But I’d like to research how to improve SEO on my site and make it more accessible to writers who are casually browsing. Sites owned by individuals have links to all of their social media outlets or their other sites so I’d like to implement these links onto my contact page as well as widgets that link to older blog posts and help to categorize them. This is often done on writing sites. Also, providing links to other sites like mine will help connect me to that community. I’m also making business cards with QR codes on them that link to my site.

Brett Varga Final Essay

           My website, http://www.bringyalunch.com/, is meant to look unique and unlike most websites on the Internet. The design is inspired by Banksy’s website http://www.banksy.co.uk/. The design was implemented to give the viewer a sense of the personality behind my brand. I also didn’t want to shy away from showcasing art I create outside of the brand as well as art from artists around the country. I want to attract anyone to my website, but by design I feel it appeals to independent thinkers, people who enjoy a variety of humor, and those who are not afraid to openly express themselves. My website should give its viewers a sense of the person behind the brand. I want people to get a sense of who I am, the philosophy of the brand, and see how art can relate to them.
            My website has a plethora of images ranging from pictures of Bring Ya Lunch apparel, various art from myself and other artists, and images from a variety of things relating to the brand on the blog. I implemented a slideshow system by using a (galleria) script that I got off the Internet. I upload the images on to my Flickr account into specific sets. Those sets then correspond to specific parts of my website be it my fine art, digital, lunch, friends page, etc. The color palette of these images and the sizing depends on what images I upload to Flickr. The images on my website like the Last Supper banner and the images I utilized for my header are black and white. These header images change from words to images when the mouse rolls over them. The bunny head logo, which brings you to the homepage, is the only header image that changes from black and white to a colorful version of the logo. I did this to show significance, which I hope will indicate that this is the way to return to the homepage. I wanted to keep the images and words of the header black and white. This helps draw attention to the slideshows shown on the website.
            When text is implement on my website, this is outside the blog and Facebook, I use (courier, serif) because I feel it melds best with the font I utilized for my header images (uncle typewriter). As I previously stated my website’s font and images outside the slideshows are black and white. I want to draw attention to the slideshows and videos, and I accomplished this by making all the other aspects of the design black and white.
            On http://www.johnnycupcakes.com/ they incorporate the blog into the home page of their website. The main banner image changes from a variety of images via a slideshow, while my website’s home banner is a single static image. They have a family section, which showcases friends of and people who work for the company. My website has a friends section that showcases a variety of artists from around the country. Are website have drastically different color palettes. Both sites implement social media links, but their links are at the bottom of all their website’s pages, while mine or strictly located on my contact section.
            Most of the problems that required some significant work were the issues relating to my blog’s construction and design. I wanted to create a simple and clean looking blog.
Here are a few problems and their solutions:
-       important tag & Facebook like button / plugin
     // changed the position of the Facebook like button

Wordpress Facebook Like Plugin” by AJ Batac
** allow the use of a facebook like button at the bottom of each post

#wp_fb_like_button{margin-bottom:-70px !important}

-arranged facebook like button to the left so it would position correctly on smartphones

#wp_fb_like_button{width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; margin-bottom;-70px !important; float:left;}

- This took away “Image Borders” in blog post

/*Image borders*/
border: (any number)px solid #ddd;
padding: (any number)px;

            Bring Ya Lunch has been around as a website and a brand for over a year now. Since the website launched last April, I have been constantly creating and showcasing content and advertisements via social media networks. I mostly utilize Facebook, Instagram, and my recently created Bring Ya Lunch blog. I give away stickers for free to help promote my website and brand. I feel I’m approaching this venture very similarly to how Shepard Fairey did for Obey. I keep putting the imagery and philosophy out there and the more its out there, the more it matters. The more it matters, the more people will want to find out about it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kelvin Chiu's Essay

1. My website is simple and easy access. I was trying to text to link to different page, however, it seem hard to read and click on it. Therefore, I choose larger image to allow easier access. For the color choice, I was using darker color but it was tiring when reading the text. So I choose brighter color in the background. Since my website is for the fans or people who interested in Gundam, image in the front page would give them idea of what it is and how to get what they want.

2. I pick the most common or well-known image of Gundam in the front page so peoeple would be confused easily. Also, size to the image is set to a similar so that it look uniform.

3. Lay out is same for every content so it is easy to read and edit. Font and font size is remain the same for every page for east reading. I try to make layout, font and font size constant as that is how the other similar website do.

4. The first problem is how to keep content page in the same layout and design. I was using HTML to make a website. However, it is hard to keep the same layout and design. Then Wordpress is my second choice, it can easily keep content page in same layout. Second problem is how to organize the page. Since my website is made of many similar page, I made page for different categories.

5. Since my page is for fans of Gundam. The first thing to attract people to visit the website is make connection with similar website.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Diva's Site Essay

The overall design of the website for divaa media is directed to appeal to apparel brands, action sports companies, and music artists seeking video/photography work. The site with its sleek and colorful features will also appeal to the films end-user, a younger, creative, and active audience (ages 18-24) as well as the companies that are trying to reach this demographic. 
Divaamedia.com has a sophisticated and simplistic feel. I chose to design my website so that it is easy to use and invites the user to engage in a media viewing experience.  I choice to design the template so that my imagery is the biggest and main component. My wireframe logo and small menu bar interacts nicely with my large videos and images. On each film page the videos are laid out in visually pleasing mosaics. The elegant and oraganized layout of my site as well as its content will allow my viewers to feel that my work is professional and unique as well as expensive. The text content of the site is straightforward and limited. 

2. Most of the images featured on my site are the screenshots of the videos I decided to feature off of vimeo and youtube. I displayed the videos in the mosaics so that the screenshots, usually body forms, relate to eachother in a bold and intriguing way.  The imagery featured on each page is excited and strange, my aim was to intrigue the viewer to play the videos as well as be curious to discover other pages on the site. Each image is bold and vibrant in its color scheme. I chose to put my most industrial and simply colored image for my mission page to bring the focus to the content in the description. My logo design as a design element features asteroid-like wireframe shapes, that react nicely to the font of Divaa Media above and below the shapes, it remains a consistent element on each page and acts as a hot link to the home page "raw". 

The thin font in my logo was chosen to react elegantly with the delicate wireframe symbol in between divaa and media. The font used in the menu bar and descriptions is a default font in Wix. I believe it is simple, professional, easy to read and matches my logo well. My color palette is very simple, the text and divaa media logo are both black against a white background. The screenshots of my videos and my photos give my site a bold and dynamic pop of color. I arranged the videos in the mosaics in a way that the colors react nicely when placed next to each other as well as make interesting forms. With my video mosaics I wanted to create a nice palette of images to choose from. I believe the screenshots create a more dynamic and inviting feel when they exist in the same space. The screenshots will intrigue the viewer to explore other pages, link them out to vimeo, and connect the pages with a common theme. I wanted my logo, menu bar and page content to be contained in a rectangle centered in the web window. I think this gives my site a tight and organized vibe.

Most of the production company websites I have seen are very busy and are not aesthetically pleasing. For example the website for Miller Video and Film, looks very juvenile to me, which is surprising considering the clients they boast of having (http://www.millervideofilm.com/film-production-company.html). Their imagery is not strong enough to intrigue you, and the colors on each page do not interact nicely with the black background. On the other hand I have found that some of the sites of the professional production companies that I do like, also contain a mosaic of imagery (ex. http://www.setlafilms.com/).


Problem: Embedding videos in a slideshow.
Solution: This is not yet possible using the new HTML 5 Wix. 
                  When first designing my site I had to decide how I wanted my videos to be presented. A video slideshow seemed like the obvious choice. There is a program you can use in other template websites (not Wix) called HubNut that connects your Vimeo account with a video slideshow in your site so your videos are automatically uploaded. Although, I am glad that I stuck with Wix despite this problem because I eventually went with a mosaic layout that I can easily manipulate and I can create an intriguing layout of videos.

Problem: Uploaded logo has an undesired background color.
Solution: Go to image > change style > no frame or default.
                  I learned through this process that you have to fool around with the size of uploaded images to get the desired framing otherwise your image could be cut off on the sides when scaling down. Also, using PNG files exported from illustrator is good way to go when trying to upload a logo that does not have a background but only individual shapes.

I feel that the main way production company websites get noticed is having a presence on filmmaking directory sites such as the reeldirectory.com, this could help me generate viewers because companies can visit these sites to find production companies that fit their needs. I will make sure to register profiles on these sites as well as make sure that all of my social media networks and professional profiles all contain a link to my site and vice versa (ex. LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr). Also, being connected to video viewing sites such as youtube and vimeo is very important. When I see a video I like, I always go to the description to see if the creators of the video have a site and/or blog. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alexa's site essay

Alexa Wirth
May 6, 2013
Web Design

The overall look and feel of my site would be functional organic. To start, the color scheme stayed within shades of green contributing to that organic feel that is attractive to the eye. Anyone who comes to the site is interested in purchasing a new lawn but because of the easily navigable layout and subtle greens, the audience may find themselves wanting to redesign their whole yard with beautiful plants and trees. Users will be satisfied with the site because it provides lots of helpful information. I made sure to incorporate many pictures that show examples of what a transformed yard can look like. After fully navigating their way around the site, I am confident that my audience will feel that they have obtained all the information they need about what they want and how to get it.

When one first opens the site they will see a rather large introductory slide show, which consists of 5 photos that represent what Home Turf is about. Just below you can see a small portion of additional photos, which will draw the user in and make them scroll lower to view the rest of the information on the home page. Each photo I used is directly related to some sort of text right next to it so the result is that they compliment each other in both content and size. I managed to maintain a cohesive green pallet besides my usage of colorful plants, which still fit perfectly.

As for fonts, I decided to stick with the default one provided by Wix because it is smooth and easy to read. I used the same font for everything on the site and I changed the size, coloring, and bolding, depending on whether it was a title, body, link, etc. Our competitor site www.parkavenueturf.com also has a smooth fluid font but their site feels almost taken over by photos. We also share a main large photo which I feel is a necessity to a sod / landscape website because it draws the audience in. They have drop down menus, something we do not have but our site is still very easy to access the information one would be looking for. Something else I noticed is that they only have their phone number up top and on our site we have it posted many times, almost enough that someone would have it memorized by the time they’re done looking at the whole site. Overall, Park Avenue Turf has a lot of good and professional aspects but my site has that and is engaging to the audience.

The first major problem I encountered was that text was not aligning right. Nothing looks worse on a site than when the text is off. Every time I tried to justify the text it would look fine in the editing mode but once I looked at the published site the text would be totally off. I ended up justifying all the text to the left, which seemed to solve the problem. There are still a few areas that have gaps but nothing compared to what I was dealing with before.  The second issue I encountered was the navigation bar. When in published mode it read “Gallerv of Grasses” when clearly I had wrote Gallery of Grasses. I was baffled how and why Wix was changing the y to a v. I initially shrunk the sixe of the font and that seemed to solve the problem but now the navigation bar looked off balance and ugly. I changed the font back to its original size and by accident I adjusted the size of the inner box. I brought dragged it down just a hair and sure enough that was just what I needed!  I did have to deal with a third issue, which we all know was my mother. Thankfully, her and I have finally come to some agreements and the product is this new lovely site.

Now that we have a visually appeasing and informative site I have to get people to come to it. My plan is to link it to a Facebook site, Yelp, and utilize the ad vouchers that Wix provides us paying users. Since this is a landscaping and lawn site it doesn’t have to be available to the whole world, we need it to be available to just our area. (Which is the greater bay area and Sacramento valley) Thankfully, Google and other search engines are becoming more advanced and determine search results for users based on their location and previous sites visited. We were able to transfer our domain name of www.hometurfsod.com, which is still on all business cards, invoices, and letterheads. So hopefully with all these social sources and our great new site we will see an increase in sales! 

Thanks for another awesome class, Chris! See you next year.