Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Matt Braley Final

  1. I designed my website to further spread my snowboarding name out there. I made my website so I can try and get sponsor ship deals from companies online. My website has a very welcoming easy to use layout that anyone can work. A lot of snowboard companies that I am trying to reach all like simplistic looking easily 
    functioning website.
  2. The specific images I finally decided to use for my website are images from one of my best national competitions. With some of my best racing happening in those pictures I have a sort of confidence about why images. The color palette of my website is not too colorful. My maine boxes on my website are just a simple grey box with a grey outline.
  3. A lot of websites with similar reasons are more flamboyant, colorful, and bright. I think this is to grab the attention of viewers as the pass by their websites. In comparison to my website similar ones are way more busy and claustrophobic.
    This is the website of a professional Slalom and Giant Slalom racing. He is from Austria and is really good. His website is contrasting and bright. It is well organized and functions smoothly. Unlike this website I had more of a light background and darker writing and pictures. This allows the wording on the website to pop and not be caused to hide within the darker background.
  4. My biggest problem with wix layouts is the interaction between blogger and my website. There was no way to properly embed my blog into my Wix website. I ended up not actually embedding the blogger blog into my website but I just put a blogger tab that people can open and observe at their own will.
    My second biggest problem was figuring out what to say and how to say it was pretty difficult. I think that what I have now is okay, but could very easily be better.
  5. My website is snowboard company specific so other than just sending my website to companies it is going to be quiet difficult to do. I think I am going to just spread it around via Facebook and other social media networks. I would just spread my name through my friends, and friends of my friends. Hopefully spreading my information around efficiently.
Here is a link to my final website:

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