Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carrie's Website

The overall feeling of my website is fun, creative, and visually pleasing. The feeling is intended to be fresh and local. I built two websites. One was on Wix, which was a lot simpler. This site is black and white, with no background. I chose the website I built on Weebly because I thought it was more exciting. Excitement promotes shopping. Also, I felt with the wood background on my final website is setting a local, Tahoe, lifestyle feeling.
I think the audience will assume creativity and experience, on multiple levels.

I capture my experiences and translate everyday activities into a consolidated piece. I photograph snow, plants, nature, trams, gondolas, and any aspect that relates to snow culture. I observe, document, and translate details. I take a photograph which represents a key moment in my day. I create strong, bold images. I aim to rekindle people's emotions, memories, and experiences. All of my images are taken with a digital super 8 camera. The images are generally a little grainy, setting a traditional, classic look. I display my work on outerwear because it is functional. Functional in multiple ways;  I aim to express a moment and place in the world and outerwear is my canvas. My photographs function as fashion. The art displayed on my pieces are mobile. The first step of my process is taking digital super eight photographs. I don't start my sessions with the sole purpose of taking photographs. Instead, I engage in my day to day passion; snow. My images naturally follow. In a digital dark room I than transform, collage, and merge my images into a harmonious visual. I arrive at a mountain to interact with the snow and my surrounding and take with me textures, patterns, scenes, and moments in time. I create visually pleasing pieces, with components of nature and environment. 

I wanted a bold, fun, font. I chose white and black font colors because they are simple and bold colors. I chose light blue as accent colors because it reminds me of snow.

Two major problems I over came were adding a shopping cart.  I chose to use Big Cartel to host my shopping cart. I chose this website because it is free, up to about 8 items. When clicking on the shopping cart link, you are taken to another page.
Another problem I had with my Wix website was resizing the images in the shopping cart to be viewed as larger. I found out that the images are viewed differently, depending on what internet program is being used.

My plan on getting more visitors to my site is through marketing. By combining my unique logo, the cat in the bag, and stickers, I will intrigue views to check out the site when they see the strange logo and name.

Other sites in my "genre," outerwear, have generated audiences for themselves through sponsorships and branding; product placements. online contests, Facebook, and word of mouth.
Linkedin is another method of companies in my genre to generate audiences.

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