Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kelvin Chiu's Essay

1. My website is simple and easy access. I was trying to text to link to different page, however, it seem hard to read and click on it. Therefore, I choose larger image to allow easier access. For the color choice, I was using darker color but it was tiring when reading the text. So I choose brighter color in the background. Since my website is for the fans or people who interested in Gundam, image in the front page would give them idea of what it is and how to get what they want.

2. I pick the most common or well-known image of Gundam in the front page so peoeple would be confused easily. Also, size to the image is set to a similar so that it look uniform.

3. Lay out is same for every content so it is easy to read and edit. Font and font size is remain the same for every page for east reading. I try to make layout, font and font size constant as that is how the other similar website do.

4. The first problem is how to keep content page in the same layout and design. I was using HTML to make a website. However, it is hard to keep the same layout and design. Then Wordpress is my second choice, it can easily keep content page in same layout. Second problem is how to organize the page. Since my website is made of many similar page, I made page for different categories.

5. Since my page is for fans of Gundam. The first thing to attract people to visit the website is make connection with similar website.

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