Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2: Problem Log

In Class:
Worked on getting the colors for my blogger that is on my wix website figured out. If anyone knows an easier way to put a blogger blog on a Wix website. The way I have it now it just puts my post but non of the background images or the colors. Right now I am using a Wix widget for blogger to get my blog onto my site.

Still Need To Work On:
Just need to work on my biography page. I need to get my paragraphs to sound more confident.
This is my BIO page as of now.

I tried to figure out how to line up my background image. I couldn't figure it out today, I just tried moving things over to be lined up but then everything isn't centered on the screen. It would all be off centered to the right. 

1 comment:

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