Monday, April 29, 2013

Web Design Final

Please fill out the course evaluation form at:

Our final is officially on Tuesday, May 14,  from 8-11; however, it will only take us a couple hours to cover what we need to cover, so we'll meet from 9-11.

On the final, you will give an oral presentation on your finalized website - this will be accompanied by a short written essay about your website, posted to this blog (which should also include a link to your completed website). The oral presentation and written essay will be about your visual design choices, and your problem-solving accomplishments, and will specifically address the following questions:

1. How would you describe the overall "look and feel" of your site? What choices did you make to arrive at that look and feel, and how does the end result relate to the audience you are trying to attract to your site? What assumptions do you think your audience will make about you, and why?

2. Describe the choices you made in picking and displaying images on your site. How would you describe the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the images you are using? Address the sizing, composition, and general color palette of your images, as well as the content of the images themselves.

3. Describe your choices in picking fonts, color palettes, and layout. What were the choices you made in each of these areas, and why? How do they relate to the sorts of design choices you see in websites from "genres" that are similar to yours? Pick a competitor website, and compare and contrast the design choices your competitor made.

4. Pick two major problems you solved over the course of designing your website - they can be technical problems, content problems, or design problems. In each case, how did you identify the problem, what was the solution to the problem, and how did you figure out that solution? Feel free to re-purpose material from your problem log for this.

5. What is your plan for getting visitors to your site? Please research how sites in your "genre" have generated audiences for themselves.

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