Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ted Porter Logg

Ted Porter  Logg
- I learned how to color correct, crop and all that in photo shop.
- I'm not sure if it is just my trial but I am having a hard time saving my photos as a Jpeg.
-Just figured out the saving issue.
April, 8
- Continued to color correct photos.
- Working on stitching photos together.
- Finished the prices on the menu
- Wrote "our story"
- Still messing with photoshop
Today I learned that if you tap a word with 3 fingers on the track pad with a mac, it will bring up the definition for that word.
april 22
-Today I learned how to make flash banners
-also worked more in photoshop
april 24
- worked on my banner more tying it into my sites theme
- Worked more in photo shop I learned how to use the selection tool
- got a lot better and creating motion tweens
May 1
- Worked with parallax. Struggled. I tried to switch some images but it didn't really work.

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