Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eric's to-do list

Week 1:

Lemon Drop Gift Shop….. Eric Unterberger

Continue adding to Weebly.
      Create a Home page
S    Switch content on the About page and change paragraph txt
            Add black fade and brighten banner to make it more visible
      Take out banner on Contact page
      Add subpages to the store including dresses, skirts, scarves, jewelry, and hats
·       On Dresses page include txt stating that all pattern dresses are custom, and no two patterns are the same. Please call or click the contact link at the top of the page for your special order.

      Week 2:

Add an events page that lists each fair/ festival Lemon Drop Gift Shop will be attending including their dates and times. Can a public calendar be integrated? Contact Linda, get her feedback for content/design. Put facebook, instagram contacts on homepage. 

Week 3: Look into integrating instagram and facebook feeds directly into site.

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