Sunday, February 26, 2017

Reminder: Homework for Tuesday (2/28)

Just a reminder (or, for those of you who weren't there, the basic info):

For Tuesday's class, I'd like you to bring three things, which would constitute the building blocks of the home page for the site you'll be making for yourself in the latter half of the semester. These elements are:

1. A big, dominant image for the page (what is sometimes called a "hero image").

2. A headline for the page.

3. Two or three sentences that follow the headline, that explain or "frame" what the site is about. It's an introductory mini-paragraph.

This is following the lead of the fake-news in-class assignment we did – where we chose an eye-grabbing photo, and tried to sensationalize the info around it in a way that made it click-bait. For your own site, you can be more ethically above-board! But the idea is still to grab people's attention, and to give them an expectation of what your site is about.

This doesn't have to be executed in html.  – it can be put together in photoshop, or if you're still feeling stymied by photoshop, you can just gather your picture and have the text in a word document. If you don't have the image you'd like to use for your hero image created yet, you can use an "aspirational" image – something that is in the style you'll like to create/purchase/find for yourself, when you have more time.

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