Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A little intro

Hey! I'm Shawnie Personius i am a double major between Fine Arts and Marketing here at SNC. I transferred over last year from Northern California on a scholarship to be the studio manager/ lab tech for the ceramics and sculpture studio here. I mostly work in ceramics, metals, projection and poetry. I love living a creative life, but i love being surrounded by a creative community even more. On a typical day you'd find me running around the studio with a coffee in my hand. I love adventure, travel, and laughing. I'm originally from Minnesota, but do not have an accent so please don't ask me to say "bag" or "don't ya know".  Eventually i would like to start my own company. But really i'm just on a quest for sustainable happiness.

One of my favorite sites besides pinterest ( already mentioned) is YouTube. Personally because its a great tool for quick learning and music videos.

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