Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Introductions: Jesse Aguilar

Hi i'm Jesse. I'm from San Jose, California and I transferred here as a sophomore last semester. I am majoring in Digital Arts & Entrepreneurship and I hope to learn a lot here at SNC. I really enjoy taking business classes alongside digital arts because I feel that it will help me stand out, after graduation, when looking for a job. After I graduate I plan to move back to the bay area and work as a digital artist.

Rooftops - somewhere in SF - St. Patty's Day '16 

Aside from art, my other passion is in cycling; dirt jumping, mountain biking, BMX racing, DH racing, dual slalom, road. One of my all time favorite websites is It is essentially an eBay, Facebook, youtube & news source all on one site for the biking community.

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