Saturday, March 25, 2017

Kyly's 5 Week Plan

Week 1: 
Categorize images into projects/galleries, create photo captions 
Edit images 
Complete photoshoot for landing page (send to artist for sketch)
Work on logo- KylyBClark

Week 2: 
Finish logo
Incorporate gallery template
Write about page 

Week 3: 
Create landing page with sketch and logo
Create contact page

Week 4: 
Finalize design aspects
Upload all content

Week 5:
Create business cards with logo in indesign 

Tuesday, April 11

Today I looked at hosting websites, and explored the possibility of copying information from But I could not locate where her images were being hosted. I am gravitating towards Photoshelter templates because they are cheaper monthly and I realize I cannot start this process from scratch at this point. I also learned how to expand a shape in illustrator and make changes like deleting unwanted shapes and I started practicing how to modify existing letter shapes. 

Tuesday, April 18

Today I got my logo almost finished! I learned how to use the pen tool, how to add and remove anchors, and use the handles to shape/recreate the letters in my name for my logo. I fixed the problem of thick lines, and a cluttered design. 

Here is my website!

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