Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Post spring break problem log: Matt Braley

Next two weeks:

Getting my blogger attached to my Wix website:
Attached blogger using a free Wix widget using the website bellow. The only problem I had with the widget was the fact that the background from my blog was not brought into the Wix page. The widget only allows the posts from blogger.

Need to keep working on:
- Get fluent
- could change width of blogger

Figure some color problems out in Wix:
I have just been tinkering with colors in different parts of my Wix website to get it more subtle and not so neon. What I was doing was editing the style of a box in Wix and just playing around with certain colors. There was no special way to go about it other than just making sure it blended in but was a good useful color.

Figure out the Flickr sets in blogger:
As of today my blogger is working well with the Flikr photo sets. I was afraid of them not working again because it didn't work when I presented my blogger to the class. I don't know what was happening that day but it seems to be working just fine now.

Intro on home page:
I have been thinking about what to put on the homepage of my Wix website and I think I am going to take the about part from my blogger website and put that on my homepage. Along with some short little facts about where I live snowboarding preferences, just some quick simple stuff.

Organize gallery by races:
I took my original gallery and fix it by putting all the pictures together by every certain race. I think this will give a more fluent look to the gallery. Will also give the viewers an easier way to just look through a single race instead of a bunch of photos from every race mashed together.
I used an HTML widget on Wix to insert the HTML code of my Flikr sets. Below is the website address where I got the HTML code for my sets.

To get to this web address go to your flikr account and go to which set you wish to put on your website. After you get the set up open it up in a slideshow. Then go to share and customize the HTML code. Then you just copy the html and put it into the html widget.

Change contact font:
Chris pointed out to me that my biography page and my contact page had two different fonts on there and I want to change that. I went with the biography font because it is the same as the header title and the biography page. Plus I like the font more.

Weeks 3-7:
The above problems I am going to work on for the next two more weeks of class. For the last weeks of school I am going to work on the problems bellow. I will check off and report back what I still need to do and what I have done already. I want to get the website functional and looking good before I really worry about or get carried away with the content.

Integrating Facebook/Instagram:

Change Wording:

New blog posts every week:

Research how other snowboards use blogs and social media in the off season:

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