Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Carrie's Website and Problem Log

1. My web site, Letsgetbagged.com is intended to sell my designed outerwear. Outerwear is a necessary component to skiing and snowboarding. Consumers are constantly spending money on outerwear, as it is in the fashion world. Visually and artistically, there is a need for fresh outerwear.   The features of the site will be viewing the product and the shopping cart... the ability to purchase.
The purpose of the website aims to outfit snowboarders and skiers and represent resorts from around the world through innovate outerwear.

2. The audience is male and females between the ages of about 15- 45. Their demographic is colder climates with snow. I plan on adding to the blog often, including life style shots and videos, and selling custom fit jackets to attract and retain their attention.

3. I chose wix and weebly. I chose wix because of the option of adding a shopping cart. I chose weebly because of the simpleness. I was able to build a effecient website in a an afternoon.

Problem Log
I have a slide show on the home page. It is a wix slide show template. The images are having trouble loading as of right now. They keep resizing themselves in an annoying way. I think I need to re size the images to fit the template: 650 x 485
I REsized the images... they are flowing better now! but one image is still a bit smaller... dont know why.

I don't particularly care for the background of my first blog, it is wood grains. I am looking into a new organic, simple background. The website i a using is. http://subtlepatterns.com

APRIL 2, 2013
I am having issues with my shopping cart on wix. I want the images to display larger, to fill the white space, but for some reason they are auto cropping. I don't like this.

I REsized the images on my home page slide show... they are flowing better now! but one image appears is still a bit smaller... dont know why because they are all the same size!

April 18
I am working on my shopping cart. i have a few options, big cartel or prestashop
also, there is a custom form i can upload form2go which will allow me to add a custom size form, for custom jackets!

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