Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nick Cahill's first post

Hey guys and gals, this is my first semester at SNC, I am a transfer student originally born and raised in the Bay Area, Ca. I spent the past 2 years building and racing a race car while going to a community college in my area.

Now that hobby is put on hold while I get the rest of my education done up here in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I got big into photography and filming over this past year due to some injuries and not being able to participate in the activities I loved doing. I tore my ACL and compression fractured my thoracic #2-#7 in my spine, needless to say I am an active person that cant get enough fun. Some of my main hobbies include rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, racing my car or anything that is active, fun and includes friends or nice people to share the memories with.

I am taking this class because I currently have a website www.cahillfilms.com that a friend has been working on for me. Its a huge pain if i want anything changed/added or whatever need be so I would like to learn how to manage it and eventually take over and control it myself.

The website I will talk about is DanCarphotography


Dixi said...

wow, that was enjoyable. Thanks

Dixi said...

Enjoyed seeing your presentation and have some questions. My granddaughter got a great camera this fall and love photography. Do you do any tutoring? The more teachers she has the better. Thanks, Dixi