Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flourishtivity Summary

Team Flourishtivity

-This site gives a breakdown of Ch. 8 of Amabile’s book. It discusses 8 environmental factors in work place that will help to foster creativity in the minds of the individuals.

-This is a short blog discussion on how creativity is killed. We felt that we could gain some insight on how to promote creativity by seeing what things can kill creative minds and ideas.

-This website expands on the information from Amabile on how creativity is killed. We liked some of the information that was presented and feel that it will be helpful to us.

-This blog outlines Amabile’s 3-steps to organizational creativity. Once again, we felt it contained some interesting information that we would be able to use.

-At our last team meeting, I felt like we were finally able to get on the same page and I think things are starting to come together for us. There are still some items that were are not sure about and we are starting to run into trouble when trying to find information on Amabile, as most of the websites contain similar information. Overall, I feel we have a fairly decent grasp on what is going on.

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