Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 SP Web Design class -- Assignment #1

Welcome to the blog for the web design class.

You have one assignment to bring in for next class, on Monday.

Make a post on this blog. You should: a) write a short paragraph about yourself, b) include a picture of yourself, and c) provide a link to a website that you like or visit often. Be prepared, next class, to talk about why you like the website for a presentation of 5 to ten minutes. Talk about:

1. The design of the site
2. The navigation of the site
3. The functionality of the site -- what the site "does."

Also, if you have a website of you own, post a link to that as well.

And don't forget to pick up the book for the class, "Visual Quickstart Guide to Dreamweaver CS4," in the school bookstore.

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