Monday, January 26, 2015

JT Surwall lyrics page

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<h1>Ultimate Spinach</h1>
<p class="ex"><i>Visions of Your Reality</i></p>
I don't want to be a rusty suit of armor</br>Or a tumbled out forgotten castle in your mind</br>I just want to be a twisted willow</br>So I can leave you shallow thinking far behind</br>
I can feel the darkness in your shadow</br>And the melting of the ice behind your troubled eyes</br>And the discoloration of all the words you're saying</br>As you're hunted without mercy by your lies</br>
I've flown so high I'll never return</br>And I've been to the bottom of the drags of your troubled soul</br>And I've basked in the sun of your revelations</br>But I guess</br>You and I have different goals</br>So go and slay your dragons in blind amusment</br>And topple imagination with a song</br>
And the moon it plays little mind games</br>So you'll wonder where all the stars have gone</br>Listen to me</br>You have spoken to be about nothing</br>And you've shown me fantasies in a crystal ball</br>And you've promised me the world for my asking</br>Don't you know</br>That to me</br>It means nothing at all</br>Because I know you'd leave me a burnt out matchbox of forgotten roses</br>Inside a get well card I had to address to myself</br>But that's not what I need from another stranger</br>So I guess I better do things without your help</br>So I guess I better do things without your help</br>So I guess I better do things without your help</br></p>

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