Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Problem Log

Wed 3/25
- safari is not recognizing width changes to left side header 
- researching found that Safari does not like the width calculator code 
- decided to not address the issue because Safari is a more obscure browser and it doesn't affect the aesthetics of the page 

- is a registered domain
- is available 

Mon 3/30
- determined left bar paper color pattern is too busy/distracting
- decided grey works best to showcase logo 

- research big cartel for e-commerce

- JQUERY was styling image gallery and not allowing pages to link out to other pages 
- solution we created a new image without the class that was calling the JQUERY style

- think about background for stationery 

Wed 4/1

- strata template was too complicated to work with because most of the structure was built with java script 
- discovered blanca template is much easier to work with, most of the styling is built with css so it is intuitive to customize 

Wed 4/8

- take photographs of stationery work for header image

- link pages, figure out page structure 

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