Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tess Rafello intro post

Hi! My name is Teresa (although most people call me Tess) and I'm originally from Redwood City, CA. I am a very active person who is pretty much always on the go with school, work, and/or my project for my major. I am a Psychology major and, since this is my last semester, I will be performing an experiment for my senior project (I hope all of you can participate!). I love video games, snowboarding, funny videos, and going out on adventures with my boyfriend and his husky, Vesta. Also, don't let my haircut deceive you! I'm very friendly and approachable, and love to say hi to everyone!
I love browsing Tumblr, so I'll link you to my tumblr page :) I reblog really great and hilarious stuff (all relevant to my other misc. interests), so enjoy!

Lastly, here is a video that I think is pretty funny (I think a lot of videos are funny, so here's one of many to come from me):

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