Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's due Tuesday (3/1)

By next class, get through Step 3 of the Dreamweaver Tutorial – you'll have tine to hit Step 4 on Tuesday, and we'll review a few elements of Step 3 in Tuesday's class.

Also – for Tuesaday, I want everyone to bring the content (text and images) you're planning to use for the homepage of your site. This doesn't have to be an extensive collection of material – but should include:

1. A header (which you've already worked on - and which should include some sort of "tagline")

2. Introductory text – probably at least a paragraph getting deeper into what your site is about.

3. Any images beyond the header image.

4. Names for all your Nav buttons.

The wireframe you developed for your homepage should be useful as a basic thumbnail of the content. If you're making a blog for the class, you should have all the text and images you need for your first blog post.

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