Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kath's thoughts on a website

I want to design a portfolio website that is basic, clean, slick, professional- something that anyone can look at to get an idea of my aesthetic and work.
Some basic websites that are examples of this are Megan Sullivan, Aimee Lee and Meghan O'Connor. Daniele also had a good example of this with Nicoletti Ceccoli. These are pretty cookie cutter but 'nice' and cover all the necessities for a portfolio.
One that I love that is kinetic and bold with lots of personality, but really easy and intuitive to navigate through is Julie Perini!
I also love this 'bio' page on David Shrigley's and think the minimalist approach that Jason Polan takes is stark, but interesting.
It's obvious, I don't like clutter!

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