Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Class References: tables & iframe

Here's where our hypertext "story" will be hosted:


I'll use the file manager to upload the files:


This is a free service through 000webhost.

Here is some more information on how to deploy images as backgrounds for a page:

Setting a background image via CSS.

Setting a background image to 100% of a browser window.

Here are some references for a couple html tags we'll be examining today:

HTML: tables.

HTML: the iframe tag.

Download a "vanilla" table with comments:


Please download the above file, and using some of the methods shown in class, I want you to make the following adjustments to the table:

1. Give the table a border.
2. Make one table cell an iframe.
3. Use one instance of a colspan or a rowspan.
4. Adjust the color of at least one table element.
5 Incorporate two images into your table.

If you can do all this quickly, then take a shot at using css to style some of these elements, rather than inline html. Here is a reference for styling tables with CSS:


Here is a great gallery of css-styled tables:


And here's a table with some css styling, for you to download and play with:


Lastly, here is your assignments due before the start of Thursday's class:

On the blog, post a one or two paragraph description of the website you'd like to make for the first major "website project" for this class, and provide at least five links to websites that are in the same "genre" of the website you'd like to make -- make sure at least two of the links are sites you think are designed particularly well. In your paragraph, be sure to include who you think the audience for your website will be.

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