Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Notes for Tuesday, March 6

Hi all. My apologies for not showing up today, I'm very under the weather – feeling like death warmed over, pretty much, but I picked up some antibiotics and will definitely be there this thursday, even if I'm still feeling crummy, so we can have a decent check-in before spring break.

I was going to have you look at each others' initial round of designs for the first-and-second level web pages, so we could all get some ideas, and you could get some feedback on your designs. Instead, I'll just have you push on and continue to work on your second, "alternate" design for those pages. It would be great if you could have all four of your pages (first design of home and second-level page, "alternate" design of home and second-level page) by the beginning of next class, and then we'll look at your work on Thursday.

I'd recommend you show your current work to whoever sitting next to you, to get some feedback in process. Again, sorry to not be there today, but have a good work period – I'm looking forward to seeing your designs on Thursday.


As I've said in class, I will accept late assignments (with a grade point knocked off them for a penalty) - but a late assignment is much better for your grade than an entirely missed assignment. Your finished website if going to make up the bulk of your final grade for the class, but if you've been blowing off a lot of these smaller assignments, it's really going to bite into that grade. As always, you can click on the "sort class assignments" link on the left sidebar of this blog, under "Useful Links," to see all class assignments, but I'll make it one easier by listing out the assignments to date (leaving off the in-class assignments we've done):

- Your position on copyright and "transformative works" (printed)
- List of five design elements of the most successfully designed site in your "genre" (blog post)
- Wireframe/flowchart for your site (printed)
- Wireframe/flowchart of one site in your "genre" (printed)
- Description of the site you're making for this class, with links to five sites in a similar "genre" (blog post)
- Response to the article about Hyperlinking - how the internet changes reading (printed)
- SOPA/PIPA stance (printed)
- Outline of the design/format of a website you visit, for your presentation (printed)
- Intro post on this blog, with picture and description of yourself (blog post)

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