Thursday, March 29, 2012

m brill problem-solving log

Tahoe Community Sailing will be the website for the Tahoe Community Sailing not for profit organization. Currently they only have a Facebook group page, so this will help get their name further out into the digital world. The website will be used to relay event information, accept donations via PayPal and send mass emails to anyone who has provided their email address by donating or joining their mailing list.

The target audience for this page will be those who contribute to the organization or otherwise participate in organization events as well as those who have an interest in sailing. The primary beneficiaries of the organization are kids and teens, but the website will most likely be targeted more towards their parents, as the kids will need permission before they can participate in any events.

Network Solutions (NS) will take care of the hosting and database services for the website. I chose NS because they are reliable and fairly inexpensive, while still providing all the capability the website could ever need. They also perform daily incremental database backups, which will minimize any data loss in case of an accidental, erroneous database entry or server failure. The website will be run through the Drupal CMS, to allow the Tahoe Community Sailing organization to update the content without requiring additional assistance.

Tahoe Community Sailing-
  1. Drupal nav bar displaying on front page:
    • found $is_front variable. set if statement to remove nav bar on front page
  2. Water loop choppy:
    • layered duplicate video with fade to ease transition
  3. flash header links not functioning:
    • fixed with navigateToURL(request, '_self') expression

Emerald City Lan-
  1. side columns are uneven length:
    • found class in css file and set explicit min-height and height
  2. security flaw in seat reservation allows users to reserve seat without first registering:
    • added if statement to verify guest exists in registration database prior to inserting seat reservation
  3. brother wanted automatic confirmation as opposed to existing manual verification:
    • found PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN). setup script to receive IPN and update database to reflect that the guests payment had been successfully received

Aerobatic Company & Flight School, Inc.-
  1. students able to schedule flights with off duty instructors:
    • added a "time on" database and script that allows instructors to set times they are available. modified schedule new/edit flight scripts to first verify the instructor is available before displaying available instructors to student to reduce confusion. added secondary verification to prevent students from altering form values manually and bypassing first verification.
  2. students unable to contact new instructor:
    • added link to success prompt, directing students to page with instructor contact information
  3. quick confirmation buttons broken in flight list:
    • when i rewrote the main schedule i changed from day/time to flight id to target specific flights but did not change to this system in the flight list. updated code to reflect changes

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