Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Class-Assignment: Due dates for the This Month

A week from today - on Tuesday, 4/10 – you have to be prepared to present your website-in-progress. We'll put it up on screen, and give you some feedback. Your homepage, at least, must be completed, with a functioning nav bar, and all images and text finalized.

A week from then, on Tuesday 4/17, you must have all the written content for your static pages finalized, and all your images assembled. You will turn the writing in as a printed word document.

The following week, on Thursday 4/26, a draft of your website with all the static pages in place, with text and images, is due. I'll take a look at the sites during that class.

This is how your final grade will break down

25%: Class and blog assignments (assignments to date)
75%: Your final website

That latter 75% will be composed of the following:

15% your "problem solving" log, due at the final
15% your Tuesday 4/10 presentation
15% your Tuesday 4/17 delivery of website content
15% your Thursday 4/26 draft of your site
15% your completed and polished website, due at the final

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