Thursday, April 26, 2012

Problem Solving Log

StrangeBrew is a video blog that I created for me and my group of friends. We use it to upload everything that we do including pictures/videos of camping, hiking, snowboarding, skating, etc., pretty much everything that we find interesting and like to do. We aren't selling anything from the site, we just use it to gain exposure and have a "home base" for all of the things we do together as a group. I chose to host the site using a google blogger template, and that worked our really well because my main focus was to use it to upload videos, and on blogger it was very simple to do.

Problem-While using the blogger dynamic template design I was having trouble getting the thumbnail picture for each video to show up.
Solution: had to find a code to put in that would show just an image that would link to the video. However, I changed the template from the dynamic view to a regular layout so this is no longer a problem for me when uploading videos
Problem- For the Crew page on my website I wanted to post each persons picture with their name to the left of it, but when trying to upload, the names and pictures went down the page instead of next to each other, 3 wide like I wanted.
Solution- I first started by trying to mess with the code inside of the blogger but that didn’t help so Chris helped me try to figure it out and make a table in dreamweaver. However, posting the pictures in the table and then posting the html from dreamweaver didn’t work because it wouldn’t recognize the source. I ended up solving this by finding a code for a table for blogger templates and just inserting the pictures into that.
Problem-I couldn't find a facebook badge located in the available badges from blogger to link to the facebook group page that we have.
Solution-I found a website that offers all different designs for badges to website such as facebook, twitter, linkdin etc., (which is at I then used the custom html gadget to import the facebook badge as an image and linked it to the URL of the facebook.

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