Thursday, March 27, 2014

Felix Mobärg's to do list


- review blogspot templates
- Fix the pictures in the homepage. Redo the edges on the hands and get rid of the box in the header.
-create pages for each section
- Change the faces page to people.
- Fix the Facebook, Instagram and email in the footer to links on homepage.
-embedding galleries from picasa
-research integrating instagram in blog
-design blogger


-integrating histogram and Facebook with blog
- Organize the photos in people; get rid of the ‘’Facebook profile pictures’’.

-  Update the galleries with newly taken photos. Keep the best 4 on each page and then update with new ones.

- Make the inspiration page better, organized left with photos and comments to the right.

- New header for the snow page.

- and make a new page ''stupidity'' with photoshopped stupidity of friends.

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