Thursday, March 27, 2014

What to work on....Claire Bagg

Chosen website site: Weebly

            Text change to be added/made:
                           - Work on about page; what to talk about, how to describe self and work ect.
                                      - Add additional contact information into "About" page to make it more
                                        easily seen and accessible.

            Changes to be made:
                           - Remove button "next album" comes off a bit confusing; directs you to the next
                             album before getting a chance to view the album below.
                           - Keep black/grey box with album description but remove image behind; image
                             seems too obscure (on both "Fine Arts" & "Portraits").
                           - Show top few images to grab viewers attention, rather than having to make them
                             scroll all the way to the bottom (in both "Fine Arts" & "Portraits").
                           - Fix "Portrait" description sentence; spelling, words, explanation ect.
                           - For "Portraits" section choose maybe 5-7 images like in Fine Arts; try not to cluster
                             page with too many images, can be a bit overwhelming.

Check working progress:

          Squaring away the about page.

          Adding to the blog.
          Creating an art focused Instagram.
          Work on increasing activity through blog, site, Instagram ect.

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