Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corbmiester Ketelsen's Site

My site is going to be a spot where you can go and get local booze and beer prices as well as specials in order to figure out where to make that late night beer run and also how much money you are going to need to gather from your friends. It'll start with local prices at raley's, seven eleven, and incline spirits. Hopefully it'll catch on and prove useful to SNC and Incline Locals. people will be able to update the site themselves if they want or have any useful info on good deals or specials. It'll be like a booze wiki. heres a site that isn't very good. Its a gas price update deal where you can check prices of local gas, or even nation wide. Also  is a sweet site. It even has this little temperature map deal here. Target audience will be incline locals, SNC students and Billy Euller. 

my five year goal is to be able to plan a cross country road trip and hit up the cheapest pit stops at the best booze sales across the nation. It's a pretty tough goal, but I strive for Excellence. 

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