Thursday, January 29, 2009

sea creatures. =]

I want to make a website about sea creatures. Specifically: jellyfish, sea cucumbers, starfish, stingrays, sea snails, and deep sea fish. I took an interest in marine biology during high school and developed a love for sea animals. I want my website to have facts and details about the creatures I listed above, and also have pictures. The facts I want to include would be about; if the animal is poisonous, where they like to reside, what colors they come in, what they eat, the climate they thrive in, and so on. I also want to put in pictures that I have taken personally and pictures from the internet. I would make it possible for people who visit my site to add pictures and stories from their own experiences with sea animals. My goal is to create a simple, yet informative website. My audience will be anyone who likes sea creatures.

Four sites that I find to be simial to what I want to make and that I think are designed well are:

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