Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lane's Portfolio Website

Hey guys,
My website will hopefully be a design based on showing a lot of my work. I plan to have plenty of pictures of previous and possibly upcoming works, with a brief discription, and contact information. These styles of work may include but are not limited to, ceramics, design, digital art, life drawing,knitting, and anything else I feel like posting. I am hoping to borrow a friends camera and upload pictures of things I made in my design class from the last semester, along with hats that knit, and pottery that I am working on or have already made.

This website will be designed for viewers that are interested in art. Although there are many sites already hosted for people to upload there works, I think it will be unique to have my own. If people see my work and like my site they will be able to contact me to arrange sales. Although, only certain pieces I will sell, because some of them I like too much ;o.
Here are some sites that might have similar styles. to Heather)
Two of these sites are more sale based(ebayandetsy) and the other two are for viewing, but also involve sales. I would say i like them all equally, I probably can't get something of these crazy programmers calibur, but would like to do my best to get something going.

I am also interested in helping my mom make a website to sell her sheep products. sheepwool sheepskins, yarn, and things knit by me from her stuff :)

See all yee maties in class.

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