Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jaka - HomeWork


For my final project I will use "the project" I am working on right now.

Among other things, I have to build a website for a start up company that is most likely to launch in summer 2013. Since I have just been "hired" for the job I will be starting with an empty page (that's why there is nothing to show, yet). Also, since the company is still in development mode I can not talk about it.

The Audience will be young adults, males as well as females.

Talking about the web site design, I really like to make websites that are easy to use, very comprehensible and are visually appealing as well as easy on the eye (not too much colors or flashing, but calm and fast). I am definitely looking to build something in that manner, but at the same time I answer to CEO that will make the final decision.

Since the idea is pretty new there are no really similar sites out there.

Here is a "similar" site:

And now a few sites I enjoy and visit often:
CNet News

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