Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jenn's Problem Log

I'd like to create an online portfolio of my writing and work. I currently have a blog that is very minimally updated, but I would like to build of the content I started it with. I would like my site to be easy to update like a blog, but I do not like how all blogs feel like.... a blog. I want it to be more visually appealing and look more like a website. I am interested in pursuing multimedia journalism, so I want my website to be able to showcase what I am able to do on various platforms. It might be a bit difficult at first as I am still learning how to do multimedia work so part of the project is making sure I can create the content I want to include.

Currently I am looking at Wix and Wordpress. I have more experience working with Wordpress including working on the school site, the Eagle's Eye and my personal blog. I like that wordpress is easier to customize  but I don't like that it's general apperance is that of a blog. I like that Wix is a bit flashier but I haven't found a template that fits my needs, and it is not as easy to customize.

3/6 I needed to format pictures and text within a table, experimenting with sizes and ways to change the layout led me to find the "Erase Formatting" button. If you can't figure out why the formatting is so weird, this will probably fix it.

 Building a table in html - This link contains the code to start a three column table. I've used to to organize text and photos on the "about me" page. It's super easy to modify to create whatever size table you need.

How to import your wordpress blog to your wordpress website:

Open your blog (for example www.nosnowsnakes.wordpress.com)  On the dashboard under "Tools" there will be an option for "Export" clicking this creates a .xml file that you can save to your computer. ( example: nosnowsnakes.wordpress.xml)

Now open your website (Example: nosnowsnakes.com) Look again under the dashboard >Tools > Import

This will give you the option to install the wordpress import plugin. Once the plug in is installed it will prompt you to upload the .xml file. The blog won't import perfectly but most of the content will be there and ready for some minor tweaking.

I'm having issues formatting text within my HTML table. I'll let you know when I figure out how to resolve it.

Problem: Formatting within the HTML table - Reverted back to default theme fonts and avoided using the third column until I learn how to resize content within the middle column

Problems 3/28:  - Creating two columns within a table - I used <div> float tags.... I had a problem with getting the content in the "float right" to line up with the content in the "float left" <div> boxes... this was solved by changing the lengths of lines in the text with a soft return.

I've also worked to link items on my resume page with examples of my work (for example linking resume content including my work on the SNC website and social media with SNC's web and social channels)


I found a widget to embed instagram, but I haven't figured out how to make it work properly yet. May be finding a new widget soon. http://davidmregister.com/instagram-widget-for-wordpress

I also began using a new widget for photo galleries and video uploads. Also not sure if I like it yet, but we'll see http://www.cincopa.com/media-platform/wordpress-plugin.aspx

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