Monday, February 25, 2013

Alex's Problem log

My website is a site for my photography to be displayed and purchased. It will be geared toward the action sport crowd and outdoor enthusiast. Right now I am looking to build the website on either Wordpress or Wix.
There are a few problems with each platform I have noticed so far. One problem is Wix is far less customizable than Wordpress. Another is Wordpress is going to be a little bit more complicated to add a video intro of some sort. The solution I found for adding the flash video is a HTML code for adding a flash intro video into Wordpress.

I think I am going to going to build the website in Wordpress because it is more customizable and gives me more freedom to make the site a little more unique than other photo websites.

Another problem I ran into was adding a custom font on wordpress. I had to install a cufon plug-in ( on wordpress. I then had to convert the font into a javascript on these website: Then I went to my hosting site and uploaded a font folder with the converted font into the WP-Content folder. I then put in the Cufon replacement code into the Cufon box that is under the appearance tab on the wordpress menu. The Cufon code then finds the header or text you want to replace and changes it for you.

I also have ran into problems where I try to move a menu or slideshow in the CSS stylesheet and it screws up the entire page, so I have learned to save my stylesheet template in a text edit file, not to loose all the changes I have made.

Today 4/2 I worked on adding a shopping cart. The problem I ran into is figuring out how to enlarge the thumbnail picture to full screen. I am using the Ready!Ecommerace shopping cart plugin: I like it so far and if I figure out how to enlarge the thumbnail I will continue with this option otherwise I will go with a different one. Otherwise the plugin is pretty custimizable, I just need to explore more with it and figure out the options better.

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