Monday, February 25, 2013

problem log - diva helmy

           The website for Divaa Media will act as a portfolio website showcasing my cinematography and editing work as well as introducing the services my company offers. The whole site will embody Divaa Media’s unique style with strong imagery (vibrant and dynamic screenshots) as well as an exceptional vision that will set it apart from other filmmakers’ websites. It will be informative and interesting within a beautifully simple layout. The website will be bold and sophisticated putting a strong focus on the video content. Its easy navigation will also encourage exploration. The screenshot slideshows will intrigue the viewer to explore other pages, link them out to vimeo, and connect the pages with a common theme.
           The overall design is directed to appeal to apparel brands, action sports companies, and music artists seeking video/photography work. The site with its fast and colorful features will also appeal to the films end-user, a younger, creative, and active audience (ages 18-24) as well as the companies that are trying to reach this demographic. The various pages will include: films (body of work), mission (mission statement), blog (media/news posts) and contact (company contact information). Its text content will be straightforward and limited. 
            I have explored two potential host sites Wix and Wordpress. I am leaning towards Wix because its templates are ideal for a portfolio site, they are elegant and professional. Wix has features that allow you to easily embed vimeo videos and create photo slideshows. The template I have chosen from Wix puts a strong focus on the media content and is extremely easy to navigate. I feel that Wordpress does not have templates that are as interesting as the templates hosted on Wix when the admin does not have coding experience, and because my site is not primarily a blog I think that Wix will be easier for me to use.

Using Wix:

Problem: Uploaded logo has an undesired background color.
Solution: Go to image > change style > no frame or default.

Problem: Embedding videos in a slideshow.
Solution: This is not yet possible using the new HTML 5 Wix. 

Problem: Uploading personal fonts to Wix.
Solution: Upload a JPEG of the word in the desired font. Add it as an image or button.

Problem: Layout misalignment in my published site.
Solution: I continued to edit and publish the site from the editor until the layout appeared to be centered    in the published version. This issue confused me because sometimes the alignment in the published site was different from the editor. A forum online discussed this issue: wix support

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